On Saturday night, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder clashed for the WBC heavyweight world boxing champion in front of a rapturous crowd in Las Vegas.

After seven rounds it was the outspoken, charismatic and sometimes controversial British boxer who came out on top after a stoppage, following several heavy hits which had forced Wilder to the floor.

This is the second time Fury has scaled the mountain of heavyweight boxing but this victory felt even more significant after he overcame a bout of depression and weight gain.

That being said, Fury hasn't shown any lack of confidence in the build-up to the fight and just hours before the showdown appeared to be his usual, comedic self, taking an opportunity to mock Wilder during their respective warm-ups.

As the Fox Sports cameras cut to the backstage area to see how the two men were preparing for the contest, the contrast between the pair couldn't have been much bigger. While, 34-year-old Wilder, looked serious and focused, limbering himself up on the floor, 31-year-old Fury was laughing and joking around, wearing a crown and pretending to spank Wilder when he noticed his opponent on the split-screen.

Fury's complete lack of nerves (or abundance of; depends which way you want to interpret this clip) resonated with those on Twitter who couldn't help but find his antics hilarious.

Here is another clip of Fury, dancing around in his pants listening to James Brown. Once again, this is before a major championship match, which he went on to win.

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