Tyson Fury's return to the boxing ring on Saturday night couldn't have been much more dramatic.

The outspoke British fighter took on Deontay Wilder for the WBC world heavyweight title in Los Angeles but after 12 rounds the two couldn't be separated and the bout was declared a draw.

Fury almost didn't make it to the end of the fight, though as in the ninth round and then again in the twelfth, Fury was floored by Wilder.

Yet somehow he managed to come around on both occasions as if he had risen from the dead like WWE legend The Undertaker, whose gimmick is that he is an undefeatable, undead, zombie, cowboy, wizard.​

This isn't a comparison that we have made but it is that Wilder's promoter Lou DiBella said in astonishment during the post-match press conference.

People were saying that Tyson Fury hadn’t had enough fights but he was in the best physical and mental condition I have ever seen him in.

And how many guys come back from that knockdown in the last round? HIs eyes rolled in his head. He literally popped up like the f***** Undertaker.

That really was like a WWE moment. It reminded me of Larry Holmes vs Earnie Shavers.

The Undertaker comparison caught on like wildfire and the Deadman's name was soon trending on Twitter along with Fury and Wilder.

It works even better with The Undertaker's theme music.

It worked even better having actual WWE commentator Mauro Ranallo calling the action, which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

Fury vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania anyone?

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