Did The Simpsons predict Tyson Fury’s controversial win against Francis Ngannou?

Did The Simpsons predict Tyson Fury’s controversial win against Francis Ngannou?
Tyson Fury hints at next steps after Francis Ngannou victory
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A second member of the Fury family has scored a contentious boxing win over their opponent, with Tyson Fury beating Francis Ngannou by way of split decision in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night, and sparking claims Ngannou was “robbed” of a victory.

It’s not the first time this month that the charge has been levelled at a Fury, as 14 October saw Tyson’s half-brother Tommy (of Love Island fame) defeat YouTuber Olajide “KSI” Olatunji in a divisive majority decision result – later revised to a unanimous decision following a judging error.

The rapper and content creator didn’t react well to the “outrageous” result, one he said he was going to appeal.

Twitter/X was just as shocked by the outcome, to the extent that “rigged” trended on the social media platform after the fight.

And a similar accusation was made by users following Saturday’s match, not least because Ngannou managed to knock down Fury during their bout:

Some have even claimed The Simpsons – famed for having many episodes coincidentally foreshadow real-life events – predicted the fight’s result:

The story in question is “The Homer They Fall” from season eight of the popular animated series, in which the disaster-prone dad takes up professional boxing, only to get a pounding from fighter Drederick Tatum.

However, it can’t really be said that The Simpsons guessed the outcome of this particular scrap.

Al Jean, one of the show’s original writers, told NME that another writer offered up this explanation: “[He said] if you write 700 episodes, and you don’t predict anything, then you’re pretty bad.

“If you throw enough darts, you’re going to get some bullseyes…”

Not to mention that the image of bartender Moe Szyslak raising Homer’s hand is not how the fight ends. Instead, just as Tatum is about to deliver a knockout blow to a dazed Simpson, Szyslak swoops in on a paramotor to fly him out of the building to safety.

And that definitely didn’t happen in the Fury vs Ngannou match…

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