KSI vs Tommy Fury: Tommy Fury defeats another YouTuber on judge's scorecards

KSI and Tommy Fury fight in a boxing ring.
Matt McNulty/Getty Images

YouTuber and musician Olajide "KSI" Olatunji will look to do what rival creator Jake Paul couldn't on Saturday, when he takes on Love Island star and boxer Tommy Fury in their Prime Card fight at the Manchester AO Arena.

Nine bouts are on the card for the Misfits event, including the hotly anticipated fight between WWE star and content creator Logan Paul and jiu jitsu champion Dillon Danis.

Tensions have been rising for weeks for both main events, after Tommy's dad John Fury got physical at the first and second press conferences and the open workout, while Danis attracted controversy for taking aim at Paul's fiancée, Nina Agdal.

Now, indy100 is here to keep you updated on the build-up to the historic bouts, the viral moments, social media reactions and - of course - the dramatic results.

If KSI vs Tommy Fury left you feeling inspired...

Check out our article with tips on how to get into boxing.

That concludes our live coverage for the evening, but we have a feeling the fallout will continue for a little while longer.

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"Rigged" trends on Twitter/X amid controversial win for Tommy Fury

Twitter is divided...

Tommy Fury wins majority decision victory over KSI in second YouTuber defeat

Tommy Fury has defeated yet another YouTuber on judges' scorecards, with a majority decision victory over KSI.

That's despite Fury being deducted a point for hitting KSI in the back of the head.

Fury thanked Manchester and Jesus Christ in his post-match interview, and insisted he was "done with all the crossover s***".

KSI, however, was in disbelief, asking his opponent: "How many jabs did you land? You weren't landing."

Fury branded Olatunji a "sore loser" and a "bum", while the Young Tuber said he would appeal the "outrageous" result.

Final round round-up: KSI's corner celebrates after the final bell, as it goes to the judges

There's a final burst of energy from both fighters as they're desperate to make an impression on the judges, and KSI puts in the pressure, but it's his corner which appears a lot more jubilant after the final bell.

Fifth round round-up: Body shots and clinches

Both fighters put in the body shots as the boxers are clinching almost every other second at this rate...

Fourth round round-up: KSI still has energy amid more clinching

It's coming up to the crucial rounds, but there was nothing too remarkable at this point...

Fury said he'd win in round three.

Some further comments from Conor McGregor...

Third round round-up: Some good connections from Fury

Fury's still clinching, but of the few punches we can see from him, they're some pretty powerful connections.

Second round round-up: A point off for Fury after another hit to back of head

Lots of clinching from Fury in the second round, and after Fury was warned about a hit to the back of the head against KSI in the first round, a point was deducted here. KSI delivered plenty of body shots, too.

The Mirror reports Dillon Danis was having cocktails just hours before his fight

Not the smartest decision before a boxing fight...

First round round-up: KSI has a spring in his step

A very physical start to the fight, with lots of speedy punches from both boxers. KSI has a spring in his step and seems to be goading Fury to throw jabs. The YouTuber complained Fury hit him in the back of the head, which was noted by the referee.

Michael Buffer's just said 'let's get ready to rumble'

The announcer has just belted his legendary catchphrase - things are getting very real right now.

Conor McGregor 'impressed' by Dillon Danis performance despite disqualification

While Danis is yet to comment on his own fight, he has retweeted MMA star Conor McGregor, who said he was "impressed" by Dillon's performance.

That's despite him being disqualified for his tactics.

That's one pricey mouthguard...

While KSI makes his entrance to the tune of his track "Lambourghini" (he actually brought a car onto the stage), it's worth mentioning his rather expensive mouthguard for the fight...

Here we go...

KSI vs Tommy Fury is happening imminently, with the latter walking out to "Thriller" by Michael Jackson.

There's zombie dancers on stage and everything. It's a bit weird.

Logan Paul challenges Conor McGregor in post-fight interview

Logan Paul said of the fight: "[Danis was] supposed to be good at jiu jitsu, what happened?"

He branded his opponent a "dirty, dirty human being".

Security guards flood the ring after Danis puts Paul in headlock

Danis got dirty and desperate in the sixth and final round, getting Paul into a headlock and trying to take him to the ground.

What ended up happening was Danis fell to the ground, and as Paul walked away, Danis charged at him. Security are still in the ring (and Jake Paul's in the huddle too) after its dramatic conclusion.

Security almost enter ring as Danis grabs Paul's legs

Wild scenes as Danis tries to claw back some points.

Fifth round round-up: Dillon Danis looks defeated, with his hands lowered

Some wild swings from Danis which are unsuccessful, with Paul still pushing against Danis's defence.

I could hear someone calling on Danis to "keep them up", talking about his hands.

Logan's team at the end of the round used the word "beautiful".

I think that tells you who's on top at the end of the penultimate round.

Fourth round round-up: Dillon isn't smiling as much now...

Danis isn't smiling as much now, instead giving a few concessionary shrugs after some good punches from Paul. The jiu jitsu champion, making his boxing debut here, is still being more defensive than offensive.

Ironic, when you consider the tweets he has been putting out in the run up to the fight.

Third round round-up: Danis tries to fight back

But Paul is certainly coming across as the one in control...

Second round round-up: Paul pushing Danis hard

Dillon is still forced to go on the defensive as Logan continues to aim for the head, sneaking in some body shots to get his hands down. It ends in Paul forcing Danis into the edge of the ring, delivering multiple blows.

First round round-up: Dillon Danis still smiling as Logan Paul breaks through opponent's defence

Paul scored multiple jabs in the gaps in Dillon Danis's defence, with combois of jabs to the face and body shots.

Danis isn't phased though, smiling and talking to Paul during the round.

No touching of gloves from Logan and Dillon

The pair exchanged words even as the referee was giving them was giving them a warning about the fight.

Manchester Arena crowd boos US national anthem


Dillon Danis walks out to 'Freed from Desire' by GALA

Popularised by the football chant "Will Grigg's on Fire", but is Logan Paul terrified?

Jake Paul accompanies Logan Paul on his ringwalk

Nothing like a bit of brotherly love, eh?

'Watch out for the secret move': Conor McGregor backs Dillon Danis moments before Logan Paul fight

Conor McGregor just posted this to Instagram mere minutes before Danis steps into the ring...

In other Manchester news...

Manchester United fans are fuming after it was revealed the club will not be taken over by Qatari ownership after a drawn-out process has led to the main buyer pulling out of the bidding process.

Find out more in the report from James Rushton.

More than 16,800 people tuned in to YouTube livestream ahead of Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis

Many more could be watching on DAZN - we don't know how many are on there - but some viewing figures for you...

The first co-main event - Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis - approaches...

The feud between the two fighters will finally be settled, but who will win?

Faze Jarvis challenges Slim to a fight during his post-match interview

Faze Jarvis was already revealed to be fighting on the 11th Misfits series event, but he entered the ring during Slim's post-match interview to call on the victor to fight him. Slim was dismissive of the challenge, pointing him in the direction of the exit.

Fourth round round-up: Slim is victorious in surprise comeback

Slim leads the first half of the round with some groan-inducing connecting punches and body shots. An unbelievable knockdown is scored by Slim with the referee quickly intervening when he gets Salt Papi into a corner.

Third round round-up: Slim fighting back, but Salt Papi still dominating

It's clear Salt Papi is leading on the aggression, while Slim is more defensive and throwing fewer punches. As I type this, though, the round comes to a close with a rough scrap between the two. It doesn't seem like enough from Slim.

Second round round-up: Big exchanges of punches from both fighters

Big exchanges from both fighters in round two, with Salt Papi putting pressure on Slim and getting him into the edges of the ring, but Slim has managed to score a few impressive blows in return.

First round round-up: Strong start from Salt Papi

Salt Papi gets Slim into a corner and delivers a series of blows, before the referee brings it back to the centre. Strong start from Papi.

Salt Papi vs Slim up next...

This is the last fight before Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis, and Slim is walking out to "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, accompanied by some breakdancing ninjas.

We kid you not.

Logan Paul 'forgives' Dillon Danis ahead of bout following personal attacks

Logan Paul was just asked how he avoids fighting with emotion in his upcoming match against Dillon Danis, and he replied that he "forgives" his opponent.

It comes after a very personal build-up to the bout, with Danis tweeting out images of Paul's fiancée Nina Agdal with other men, which prompted her to file a lawsuit.

He also insisted his face is "feeling good" after Danis hit it with a microphone earlier this week.

Deen the Great keeps his championship title in Walid Sharks rematch

It was a unanimous decision, with two judges scoring it 49-44, and the third judge scoring it 48-45.

Deen said in a post-match interview: "Sorry to everyone that doubted me ... I walked the walk."

He calls out Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis.

Final round round-up: A last-minute fight back from Walid Sharks

An unbelievable fight ends with Walid Sharks putting Deen the Great on the back foot, with Deen the Great almost going out of the ring at one point.

It goes to judges' scorecards...

Fourth round round-up: Deen the Great blows Walid Sharks out of the water

Deen the Great gets Walid into a corner and delivers blow, after blow, after blow, forcing the referee to intervene. A few shocking jabs from Deen in the first two minutes, before Walid throws a few good punches to finish off the round.

Third round round-up: Proving unpredictable

If Walid took the first round, then Deen the Great took the second, and it's proving all to play for after an intense third round.

Second round round-up: Deen the Great fights back with two knockdowns

Two knockdowns for Deen the Great, after an aggressive first round from Walid. Deen scores a powerful uppercut at one point, too.

Deen the Great vs Walid Sharks is now taking place

We've just had one round of the rematch betwen Deen the Great and Walid Sharks, with lots of aggression from the latter.

Waleed Sharks walked on sporting a Michael Myers mask - Myers, of course, being the antagonist in the Halloween movies.

Some big names are attending tonight's event

Sir Mo Farah smiles and raises his fists in front of a DAZN posterboard.

Antony Jones/DAZN via Getty Images

Documentary maker and broadcaster Louis Theroux, England footballer Jill Scott, rapper Aitch and athlete Sir Mo Farah are all in attendance this evening.

A lot of people keen to see what happens when KSI takes on Tommy Fury later.

Dillon Danis claims DAZN have 'pulled' his 'big entrance' due to 'lawsuit' concerns

Anthony Taylor crowned light heavyweight world champion by unanimous decision

All three judges scored the fight 39-45 in favour of the American.

Final round round-up: Last few punches from Taylor on the offensive

Taylor was very much on the offensive in the fifth and final round, with Kenny very much on the defensive and throwing few punches.

Yet more low blows from Dillon Danis...

Fourth round round-up: Slip-up from King Kenny

In trying to fight back at Anthony Taylor in the fourth round, King Kenny slipped. He also had a point deducted by the referee.

It's not looking good for him.

Third round round-up: An energetic Taylor

Taylor is far more energetic going into round three, charging at King Kenny on several occasions and launching several big swings in his opponent's direction.

Second round round-up: Taylor takes advantage of clinches to deliver body shots

More clinching in the second round, but Taylor's using them as an opportunity to make multiple body shots on Kenny, which could prove costly and stack up in later rounds.

First round round-up: Anthony Taylor sprints at King Kenny

Anthony Taylor sprints towards King Kenny from the outset. There's a lot of clinching between the two fighters, with plenty of body shots from both fighters - but especially from Taylor at the end.

Judges may lean towards Taylor for round one, based on the aggression.

Anthony Taylor vs King Kenny up next...

Anthony Taylor's ring walk is happening now, featuring twerking cowgirls.

Yes, really.

You might know King Kenny from the YouTube supergroup, Beta Squad.

Judges give My Mate Nate a unanimous victory over Whindersson Nunes

It went to judge's scorecards for Whindersson Nunes and My Mate Nate, with My Mate Nate winning after four rounds.

All three judges gave it 30-36, giving Nate the victory.

BDave reveals he fought Los Pineda Coladas vs WassabiLmao fight 'drunk'

No winner was announced for the fight, as it ended in a draw.

Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate Nate up next...

It's the second fight from the main Prime card, with four rounds of fighting in the light heavyweight division.

Shock draw for Los Pineda Coladas and WassabiLmao in match for tag team title

A boxing match between a white man with short brown hair and purple shorts, and a Mexican man with white shorts.


The fight for the Misfits tag team title ended in a shock draw, with the judges crowning no overall winner between Los Pineda Coladas (BDave and Luis Pineda) and WassabiLmao (Alex Wassabi and NichLmao).

The three judges gave it 39-37 to Pineda Coladas, 39-37 to WassabiLmao and 38-38.

Knockdowns galore in Los Pineda Coladas and WassabiLmao tag team bout

We're halfway in to the first fight of the main Prime card, and there's been knockdowns for Mexican boxer Luis Pineda and YouTuber Alex Wassabi.

The main event is underway...

Four three-minute rounds for the first fight, which is a tag team fight comprising Luis Pineda and B Dave (Los Pinedas Coladas) and Alex Wassabi and NichLMAO (WassabiLmao).

BDave just walked out to "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, so that's that.

Correction: There's four three-minute rounds for this fight, not three.

Deji squares up to Bryce Hall in behind-the-scenes confrontation

Away from the main action, YouTuber and boxer Deji Olatunji just faced off against TikToker Bryce Hall.

Hall has one knockout to his name after beating Guillermo Perez in August, but lost to YouTuber Austin McBroom in the Battle of the Platforms event back in June 2021.

Deji, meanwhile, has taken on Jake Paul (loss), Vinnie Hacker (loss), Alex Wassabi (loss), Fousey (win), Floyd Mayweather (loss) and Swarmz (win).

'Dead man walking': Last chance for trash talk as main card gets underway shortly...

Dillon Danis has fired off another tweet attacking his opponent Logan Paul ahead of their fight later, sharing a snap of Logan with a cut on his face and black eye.

It comes after Danis struck Paul with a microphone during their second press conference on Thursday.

Ed Matthews knocks out Swarmz in first round to take victory

Well, that ended quickly. Ed Matthews knocked down rapper Swarmz in the first round after just 30 seconds, and when the fighter failed to get up in 10 seconds, the win was handed to TikToker and YouTuber Ed Matthews.

Matthews stepped in to take on rapper Swarmz after Misfits called off a rematch against initial opponent Ryan Taylor. The victory takes his record to 2-1.

Meanwhile Swarmz - who appeared alongside KSI and Tion Wayne on the track "Houdini" - lost two fights against both Olatunji brothers: KSI and Deji.

Correction: Swarmz vs Ed Matthews rounds up the preliminaries

Quick correction from us that Tempo Arts vs Chase DeMoor was not the final preliminary fight of the evening - that's Swarmz vs Ed Matthews, which is about to get underway.

KSI tells S-X to 'keep up the work' following defeat to DTG

KSI has thrown his support behind friend and collaborator S-X after his debut boxing match, which ended in a loss to DTG.

In a post to his Instagram story, KSI wrote: "Super proud bro [S-X] not many people can even get in the ring. Keep up the work and go again, my G."

The duo worked together on the track "Down Like That" alongside Rick Ross and Lil Baby.

Tempo Arts takes the Misfits heavyweight championship title with victory over Chase DeMoor

Tempo Arts has taken the vacant heavyweight championship title after four rounds of fighting Chase DeMoor.

DeMoor forced Tempo against the ropes and corner several times in the first round, though this led to a few strong swings back from the YouTuber.

Tempo delivered multiple body shots in the second round, though he was left with a bloody mouth at the end of it.

The third round saw DeMoor push Tempo to the ropes and deliver a few calculated punches, with Tempo slipping to the ground at one point.

Tempo continued with the body shots in the fourth and final round, while many of his swings didn't connect. Chase, however, pushed against Tempo and took him to the ropes and corner - at one point almost sending Tempo over ropes at one point.

The judges gave the win to Tempo via a split decision of 39-37 to Chase, 39-37 to Tempo and 39-37 to Tempo.

Chase DeMoor vs Tempo Arts is the next prelim match

Chase DeMoor, a TV personality who has appeared on Too Hot to Handle takes on YouTuber Tempo Arts for the final prelim match of this evening.

Tempo Arts has two wins to his name, including one knockout, while DeMoor has three losses - all knockouts.

Astrid Wett retains lightweight championship title following Alexia Grace fight

OnlyFans influencer Astrid Wett has secured her third win - against content creator Alexia Grace - meaning she remains women's lightweight champion.

Wett won by a majority decision, with the three judges scoring the bout 28-28, 30-26 and 30-26.

Astrid scored a number of jabs to Alexia's head in the first round, as well as a knockdown.

Both fighters exchanged a number of blows to their opponents head in the second round.

Alexia went on the offensive in the third and final round, but it wasn't enough to take the belt from Astrid.

Astrid Wett vs Alexia Grace up next...

OnlyFans influencer Astrid Wett (2-0) is taking on Alexia Grace (0-0) next for three two-minute rounds for the women's lightweight championship.

They had their own spat at their press conference, with The Sun reporting reporting that Astrid tried to charge across the stage at Alexia but was stopped by security.

They were meant to fight earlier this year but The Sun says a pre-fight scrap saw Astrid taken to hospital and the bout cancelled.

DTG defeats S-X after just one round

The first fight of the night is already over, after the referee intervened to give DTG - real name Deji Araoye - his second win, this time against S-X (real name Samuel Gumbley).

DTG delivered several brutal connections to S-X's head in the first round, getting a KO after almost two minutes of fighting.

This was S-X's Misfits debut.

S-X takes on DTG in first match of the night - in mostly empty stadium

The first preliminary fight of the evening on the Prime Card is S-X against DTG - both are musicians.

Manchester's AO Arena is looking pretty empty though, as three three-minute rounds in the heavyweight division get underway.

Celebrity countdown show and preliminary fights begin ahead of main event

The countdown show has begun, presented by Roman Kemp, Big Zuu and Nada, with guests including YouTuber and boxer Deji Olatunji, rapper Bugzy Malone and impaulsive co-host Mike Majlak.

Deji says he is "nervous" but "excited" about his brother, KSI, fighting this evening.

The first preliminary fight is set to take place shortly.

'Make sure those lips don't come near me': Dillon Danis takes aim at Logan Paul and Nina Agdal kiss

Jiu jitsu champion Dillon Danis has once again targeted Logan Paul's relationship with Danish model Nina Agdal, responding to a snap posted on the YouTuber's Instagram story on Saturday showing him kissing his fiancée.

Danis tweeted a screenshot of the photo and added: "Make sure those lips don't come near me during the fight. I'm not trying to catch something."

The fighter has come under fire for bringing Agdal into the trash talk around their fight at Manchester's AO Arena by sharing multiple pictures of her with other men.

Agdal has responded by filing a lawsuit against Danis, alleging she has suffered "humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm".

Jake Paul appears to take dig at 'obsessed' KSI ahead of his fight against Tommy Fury

Jake Paul appears to have penned a thinly veiled dig at boxing rival KSI on Twitter/X, as the rapper - real name Olajide Olatunji - vows to do "what Jake Paul couldn't" and defeat opponent Tommy Fury on Saturday night.

It comes after Paul lost to Fury by split decision in February this year, and with a fight between KSI and Jake Paul yet to take place, 'The Nightmare' has decided to take on and try to beat the man who took down his YouTube boxing rival.

Paul isn't doesn't seem to be that impressed by the manoeuvre, though, writing a cryptic tweet in which he said: "I am so honored by how obsessed you are with trying to prove you are better than me. Good luck. #Goals."

John Fury's bizarre record attempt resurfaces ahead of son's boxing bout

John Fury has proven himself to be quite the character in the run-up to his son Tommy Fury's fight against KSI, from flipping tables to 'mooning' crowds.

And a video from September 2020 shows he has always been a truly wild character, as he looked to beat the Guinness World Record for the most chocolate truffles scoffed in a minute.

The record cited by Tyson Fury at the time of filming was nine, appearing to refer to Canadian Peter Czerwinski's record amount of Ferrero Rochers devoured in 60 seconds, achieved in January 2012.

10 chocolates and a swig of water later, and Fury Sr. can be seen punching the air as Tyson confirmed he had supposedly beaten the record in 54.94 seconds, with five seconds to spare.

Even if it was an official record, it was surpassed by Leah Shutkever in November 2020, who holds the current record after eating 12 chocolate truffles in a minute with no hands.

Logan Paul shares fight day kiss with fiancée Nina Agdal ahead of Dillon Danis fight

Logan Paul has taken to Instagram Stories to share a series of promotional posts ahead of his bout against jiu jitsu fighter Dillon Danis this evening, including one of him sharing a kiss with his fiancée, Danish model Nina Agdal.

Paul's upcoming battle against Danis has had an impact on Agdal as much as it has her partner, after Danis decided to share pictures of the model with other men in a bid to get inside Paul's head.

Danis believes he hasn't gone too far with the posts, insisting "everything's public", but the tweets have divided the internet and those involved in the sport.

Jake Paul, Logan's brother, commented to say "we've seen worse than this" in boxing, and Anthony Joshua appeared to defend Danis by claiming "there are no rules" when it comes to fighting.

Danis has even suggested he possesses a picture capable of disrupting Paul and Agdal's relationship, which has supposedly been seen by Twitch streamer Adin Ross.

Agdal has since filed a lawsuit against the fighter, alleging she has suffered "humiliation, emotional distress, and reputational harm", to which Danis responded to say it could put the fight in "jeopardy" and branded Paul a "cowardly rat".

So personal is the feud between the two of them that Paul has said he won't shake Danis's hand after the fight, and the pair made a verbal agreement that Danis would be best man at Paul's wedding if he wins this evening.

Will Niko Omilana be ringside for KSI vs Tommy Fury?

In addition to all the anticipation around the fights themselves, fans of the YouTuber boxing scene are also wondering if prankster Niko Omilana will once again be "ringside" for the Prime Card.

The "menace", who came fifth in the 2021 London mayoral election (beating Laurence Fox) and has gone viral with videos pranking members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and English Defence League (EDL), has also found fame for sneaking into boxing events featuring his YouTube friends.

In August 2018, Omilana snuck into the boxing ring for KSI's first fight against Logan Paul (with the help of a wristband which required him telling a printing company his name was 'Ringside').

Unphased by being forced out of the ring by security, he did it again for their rematch a year later.

He went even further in 2020, sporting a disguise and claiming his name was 'Reng Sayeed' (read that out loud) to get into the audience for Jake Paul's fight against Ali Loui Al-Fakhri - or 'AnEsonGib'.

However, having only got so far as to spend a matter of seconds in the ring (or the ropes) before being booted out by security, Omilana wanted to be at the centre of a big boxing match for a little while longer, so for KSI's two fights against Swarmz and Luis Alcaraz Pineda in 2022, he hid himself inside a giant Prime bottle to do the ring walk with Olatunji.

Now, with KSI arguably facing his biggest fight yet, fans are wondering if Omilana will be up to his antics again this evening.

In a video posted by musician Steph Leon, in which the prankster was asked if he was sneaking into the latest event, Omilana replied: "I can't disclose that information otherwise they'll be out for me next time.

"Who knows? Maybe, maybe not."

We shall have to wait and see...

A reminder of all the fights happening today...

While many will know about KSI's fight against Tommy Fury and Logan Paul's bout against Dillon Danis, several other fights are scheduled on the event's prelims and undercard.


  • Chase Demoor vs Tempo Arts
  • S-X vs DTG
  • Astrid Wett vs Alexia Grace
  • Swarmz vs Ed Matthews

Main event:

  • Alex Wassabi and NichLmao vs BDave and Luis Pineda (Los Pineda Coladas)
  • Whindersson Nunes vs My Mate Nate
  • King Kenny vs Anthony Taylor
  • Deen the Great vs Walid Sharks 2
  • Salt Papi vs Slim
  • Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis
  • KSI vs Tommy Fury

Swarmz was initially meant to fight Ryan Taylor, but The Sun reports that Misfits Boxing have said that bout is off, but with no official reason given as to why.

The action gets underway with the prelims from 5pm (GMT).

A warning for headphone users: KSI screams 'let's go' in fight day TikTok


The day Tommy Fury loses. Watch it live on DAZN ppv

With it only being a matter of hours before he enters the ring, KSI has uploaded a TikTok video expressing his excitement for fight day.

Captioned "the day Tommy Fury loses", the upload sees the YouTuber in a shower, pouring two bottles of Prime (which he co-founded with Logan Paul) onto his face, before facing the camera and screaming "let's go" in time with the audio.

Someone's hyped...

Tommy Fury is yet to post anything to social media.

Yes, the Logan Paul vs Dillon Danis fight is still happening...

Despite Dillon Danis sharing a tweet claiming he would be taking on Jake Paul on Saturday as Logan Paul "missed weight", the Paul vs Danis fight is still very much going ahead.

Paul posted on X (formerly Twitter) that "the fight is very much happening" and "the stakes just got higher", after Danis argued his opponent missed the weigh-in window.

However, regulatory body the Professional Boxers Association responded to Danis's tweet to point out the weigh-in window started at 10am on Friday and ended at 1pm, that "all fighters weighed in" and "no rules [were] breached".

And given their many heated exchanges in the build-up to the fight, it seems both fighters are very keen to throw hands...

Fiery exchanges at the weigh-in

Tommy Fury, a white man with short black hair, faces off against KSI, a Black man with short black hair and a bandana, inside a cage, both of them lit up in a red light.

JJ Olatunji/YouTube

The heated fighting talk only continued on Friday, when Logan Paul appeared for the weigh-in with Dillon Danis' jiu jitsu rival Gordan Ryan, and both KSI and Tommy Fury insisted that it was "over" for the other fighter during their exchange in the cage.

Both fights are six three-minute rounds.

John showed his fury at the second press conference too...

Not content with flipping tables at the first press conference, John Fury entered the cage inside which KSI stood (albeit some perspex glass for safety) and started punching and headbutting the screen in an unsuccessful attempt to get to his son's boxing opponent during the second press conference on Thursday.

At one point, as John was heckling KSI from the side of the stage, the senior fighter 'mooned' the entire audience in an attempt to ridicule Olatunji.

Elsewhere, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis were yet again unable to have a press conference face-off after yet another brawl broke out on stage.

Watch the video of Fury's antics above, or in our report on the second press conference.

KSI's 'spat' with John Fury at the open workout

Then, as we entered fight week, the fighters had an opportunity to show their opponents - and, indeed, viewers - their strengths in the form of open workouts.

Yet, perhaps predictably, drama unfolded when John Fury (of table-flipping fame) launched a bottle at KSI, who was heckling rival Tommy Fury during an interview.

Olatunji retaliated by appearing to 'spit' in John Fury's direction.

It wasn't the only bizarre incident to take place during the open workouts, as both Dillon Danis and Logan Paul decided to carry out some wrestling instead of throwing punches.

Read more about the unusual happenings in our report from Thursday.

Tommy Fury promises KSI 'early night' ahead of Manchester bout as pair sling insults at one another

Tommy Fury has promised an “early night” in his showdown against YouTube star KSI ahead of their bout in Manchester...

Birthday cakes destroyed and tables flipped during first fight press conference

Before the action kicks off this evening, here's a reminder of the wild promotional events which have taken place to hype up the fights, starting with the first press conference back in August.

Dillon Danis walked out onto the stage wearing the Toy Story alien hat sported by Logan Paul in his infamous 2017 video on Japan's Aokigahara forest, Paul brought out a birthday cake for Danis depicting him knocked out on a canvas (the head of which he later launched at Danis), and to top it all off, John Fury threw a tantrum and flipped several tables in anger.

Read more in our report on the dramatic events.

Dillon Danis argues him and Logan Paul 'still haven't been drug tested'

While some might say a fighter should get a good night's sleep ahead of a boxing match the next day, Dillon Danis was up posting tweets on X (formerly Twitter) at 1:30am and 2:30am on Saturday morning.

After previously arguing that Paul "missed weight" (his opponent took to Twitter to share he was within the weight limits, and the fight is very much going ahead), Danis is now complaining that the pair have not had a drugs test.

It comes after Danis branded Paul a "juice head" earlier this week.

How can I watch the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight?

Left, Tommy Fury, a bearded white man with short black hair and a white T-shirt. Right, KSI, a Black man with black hair in a black bandana, and a black vest.BBC Breakfast

Timings are a little up in the air for KSI vs Fury, with a bunch of undercard fights to get through, but it's understood to take place sometime after 11pm (GMT) this evening.

Streaming site DAZN says ringwalks for the fight will start at approximately 10:50pm.

As for how to watch the fight, the main way is through DAZN pay-per-view, which requires a paid subscription to the service of either £9.99 a month (first month £1), £19.99 a month (first month £5, with option to cancel with 30 days' notice) or a £99.99 annual subscription.

If you want to watch the fight without taking out a DAZN subscription, then it's since been announced that the fight can be purchased for £24.99 on DAZN Boxing's YouTube channel, and viewed through ESPN pay-per-view.

Find out more in our report from Tuesday.

The story so far...

KSI, a Black man with short black hair, white sports shorts and red boxing gloves, strikes a boxing pose during a boxing fight.Getty Images

After attempts to fight Jake Paul proved unsuccessful, KSI has insisted he is "doing what [the YouTuber] couldn't" and knocking out Tommy Fury on Saturday night.

The "Down Like That" rapper's boxing journey began in 2018, when he defeated fellow content creator Joe Weller after three rounds.

He then called out Jake Paul and Logan Paul for his next fight, with the latter stepping into the ring to take on Olatunji in August of that year.

When their first fight ended in a majority draw (meaning there was no overwall winner but KSI remained champion), a rematch took place in 2019, which KSI won by split decision.

"The Nightmare" returned to boxing last year when he was scheduled to take on American creator Alex Wassabi, but his rival pulled out of the fight after suffering a concussion.

The August 2022 event was later billed as "two fights, one night", with KSI fighting - and defeating - both rapper Swarmz and Mexican fighter Luis Alcaraz Pineda.

Moving into 2023, and January saw KSI defeat FaZe Temperrr. Interestingly, he was meant to fight Dillon Danis (Logan Paul's opponent for this weekend's event), but the jiu jitsu star pulled out of the fight.

A month later, and Jake Paul lost to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia by split decision.

In May, KSI initially knocked out boxer Joe Fournier after two rounds, but it was later ruled a 'no contest' when footage showed Fournier being hit by Olatunji's elbow in his final punches.

Now, the two fighters go head-to-head in a fight expected to take place around 11pm (GMT) this evening.

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