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How are you feeling this morning? Sore head? Lost voice? Hungover?

Yep, it was quite a night if you're an England football fan, as the Three Lions overcame Colombia in dramatic fashion in the World Cup.

Scenes of jubilation and lots of pints being flung into the air began to flood Twitter as people celebrated Eric Dier's winning penalty in the shoot-out.

Major accounts and celebrities extended their good wishes to the England team, but one account's message was not received well at all.

Shortly after the conclusion of the match, the far-right political party UKIP tweeted a fairly generic congratulations to Gareth Southgate's men.

Now, most of the time these sort of tweets wouldn't attract that much attention, but given that this came from a party that is fiercely anti-immigration and Eurosceptic, people felt the need to point out a few things.

Firstly there is the fact that many of England's squad have a foreign heritage but have chosen to represent England.

In fact, only five of England's starting line-up last night don't have any links abroad, and that doesn't include England captain Harry Kane.

People were also quick to point out how universal the World Cup trophy is and, despite what the song says, football and the World Cup isn't entirely English.

Then there were a lot of jokes centred around UKIP's immigration policy.

We're just gonna leave this here which shows how beneficial immigration to national football teams all over the world.

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