Wrestler Will Ospreay speaks on tattoo of wrong AEW Wembley stats: "Worst day of my life"

Wrestler Will Ospreay speaks on tattoo of wrong AEW Wembley stats: "Worst day of my life"
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Professional wrestler Will Ospreay has spoken about a regretful tattoo he got after competing at AEW's All In show at Wembley Stadium, where the wrong attendance was announced.

The show which happened on August 27th, was believed at the time to be a world record for a wrestling show with 81,035 fans in attendance at the historic venue London.

However, it has since been reported by Wrestlenomics that the actual number of people that went through the Wembley turnstiles on the day was only 72,265, as per data provided by Brent Civic Centre.

Although AEW did sell 81,035 tickets for the show the actual attendance means that it doesn't have the record for a wrestling show, that still belongs to WWE's WrestleMania 32 at the AT&T Stadium in Texas in 2016.

It also doesn't have the record for a wrestling show at Wembley Stadium either which is still held by WWE for their SummerSlam 1992 show with 78,927 fans in attendance.

Aside from being an unfortunate error for AEW (the 'record' number was read out at the show) its even more embarrassing for Ospreay who got a tattoo of the stat on his arm to commemorate partaking in the show.

Ospreay is regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the world and was the highest-profile British wrestler on the show, defeating Chris Jericho on the night.

In a video the star uploaded then quickly deleted, Ospreay jokingly bemoaned the incorrect number which he now has on his arm, which is incidentally the first tattoo he's ever gotten.

The 30-year-old said: "Bruv, you cannot make this f**king sh*t up. I am currently in Japan and I’ve had no f*cking sleep. I am tired and I wake up. This is the worst f*cking day of my life. Do you know how hard it was for me to get a tattoo? My Mum f**king hates them bruv. They announced it to everyone! They announced it was 81,000 people. I’ve got this f**king thing on my arm now."

Commiserations Will but there is always a chance that he could appear at the show next year as AEW have announced that they will be returning to Wembley on August Bank Holiday weekend in 2024.

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