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It's hard not to get swept up in national pride when the English football team is literally making history right in front of our eyes.

The Three Lions almost made their 2-0 victory over Sweden look easy, taking England to the World Cup semi-finals for the first time in 28 years.

A lot of people are unsurprisingly taking to social media to celebrate the monumental success from England - it's coming home, after all - and expressing their congratulations. And most are being received quite well.

Well, all except from the fairly generic words of praise from UKIP.

Given that UKIP is a party that's fiercely anti-immigration and Eurosceptic, people took the opportunity to school UKIP - or their social media team, at least - on a few little titbits about this year's team.

Firstly there is the fact that many of England's squad have a foreign heritage but have chosen to represent England.

In fact, only five of England's starting line-up last night don't have any links abroad, and that doesn't include England captain Harry Kane.

You'd have thought they might have learned their lesson when they tried to wish England congratulations after their victory against Colombia.

Some people though are just far too busy celebrating to be dealing with UKIP right now.

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