Wrexham’s Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney hit out at Barnet goalkeeper over red card post

Wrexham’s Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney hit out at Barnet goalkeeper over red card post
Ryan Reynolds threatens to break Ben Foster's ribs after late drama in …

It’s been seen by some as a football fairytale, but Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s time as Wrexham owners had one of its first moments of controversy over the weekend.

The pair have hit out at Barnet's goalkeeper after his role in a sending off during Wrexham’s most recent game.

Keeper Laurie Walker was involved in a goalless draw away at Barnet, which saw Callum McFadzean sent off at the start of the second half.

The result was a blow for The National League play-off hopefuls, and the sending off which involved contact between Walker and McFadzean had a big impact on the result.

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After the match, Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson suggested Walker made a meal of the incident.

"I'm not happy with the role that the referee played in the sending off, first of all. I mean that's a soft red card, it's his trailing leg, there's no real intent there and for me, [the referee] has got it wrong," he said.

"I thought the goalkeeper made a meal out of it in all honesty and obviously, that influences the referee's decision. I'm frustrated for Callum because I thought he was excellent, it was his first game for a long time and he played really well.”

Clearly not happy with the comments, Walker reached out to Reynolds on Twitter.

He said: "@VancityReynolds how's my acting skills mate, think I could play a part in your next film. I think your gaffer thinks I could."

Reynolds replied by writing "Oof", while McElhenney hit back at the keeper with a tweet of his own after Walker deleted his original message.

"I thought ‘own goals’ could only happen during the actual game" after the goalkeeper deleted his original post,” he wrote.

The owners hit back at the Tweet over the weekendLewis Storey/Getty Images

Walker also hit out at the criticism he’d received after the game, saying: "He [Wrexham manager Parkinson] was trying to say I was cheating, but I'm sure you guys can evidently see the guys come through and kick me straight in the face so that's all I'm going to say on it.”

It comes after Reynolds jokingly threatened to break their goalkeeper's ribs in a post-match interview, following the team's unexpected 3-2 defeat over Notts County earlier in the month.

The two teams were promotion rivals, and goalkeeper, Ben Foster, helped secure the last-minute win.

"When I get my hands on Ben Foster, he's gonna be on the injured list because I'm gonna break ribs I'm gonna hug him so hard", Reynolds told BT Sport. "What both have achieved is historic on every level and I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like that."

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