Fishermen capture eerie 'alien mermaid' footage in Puerto Rico

Fishermen capture eerie 'alien mermaid' footage in Puerto Rico

Viewers are convinced they can see a figure lurking within the azure-blue patch of sea


Alien fanatics are currently enjoying a prolonged field day, with a whole host of conspiracy theories and sightings to get their teeth into.

From whistleblower “revelations” about hushed-up spacecraft, to an E.T. drop-in at a Las Vegas home, there seems no end to the reports on visitors from outer space.

The latest of these offers an interesting twist on the usual flying saucer story, because this one is all about a USO.

To the uninitiated, USO stands for “unidentified submerged object” or “unidentified submarine object”. In other words, something eerie lurking under the water.

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This particular USO was spotted off the coast of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, last weekend, allegedly by a group of fishermen.

The men began filming the ocean around them after they were greeted by an ethereal blue light beaming from beneath the waves.

Footage of their close encounter has been widely shared on TikTok, where viewers have been urged to “watch until the end” of the three-minute clip.

Those who have the time and inclination to do so will hear the fisherman’s increasingly excited voices cry: “Look! Look! There’s something there!”

And, indeed, if you look closely you can make out a figure bobbing up and down in the azure patch of sea.


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Naturally, the clip has been seized upon by commentators on both sides of the “aliens are among us” coin, with a third group offering an alternative supernatural explanation.

“Forget the light THERE’S DEFINITELY A BEING RIGHT THERE,” wrote one stunned viewer.

Meanwhile, one alien hunter insisted that the “creature” at the end of the video looked “exactly the same as [the one] in Las Vegas”.

Others were adamant that the strange figure was not an alien but another mythical being.

“Seems like a mermaid/siren,” offered one such theorist, adding: “They make that blue circle light under water.” (We appreciate how they’ve stated that as fact.)

Others, with their feet planted firmly on solid ground, offered less romantic hypotheses.

“What you are witnessing is called bioluminescence. It’s not groundbreaking but it’s pretty cool.”

Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism – for example, a fish, jelly or bacteria – which commonly takes the form of a jaw-dropping blueish-green glow.

And sure, it may not be as interesting as a mermaid, alien, or “mermaid alien” but we agree, it is still pretty cool to behold.

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