'Alien in New York' video sparks fresh speculation about UFOs in the United States

'Alien in New York' video sparks fresh speculation about UFOs in the United States
The Paranormal Chic/YouTube

More so-called footage of aliens on Earth has gone viral on social media - this time supposedly showing an extraterrestrial in a backyard in New York.

The footage comes just days after a family in Las Vegas reportedly found aliens on their property before it was widely debunked by fact-checkers as nothing more than CGI. There had also been false claims that the family in question had gone 'missing' which was quickly dismissed.

Inevitably another video has now gone viral on TikTok, racking up more than 300,000 views at the time of writing.

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The footage was shared by the account The Paranormal Chic and claims to show a man in New York (it's not specified when or where in New York the video was filmed) who has apparently found an alien in his backyard.

As he searches for the creature with a flashlight, we get a brief glimpse of the alien before it disappears. The man does call out to the alien which eventually reappears and clearly walks across the frame before again disappearing.


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Safe to say that the footage hasn't left everyone convinced.

"Hahaha he’s got clothes on," one person quipped.

Another joked: "Looks Like Karate Kid."

A third added: "Bro is wearing a black turtle neck in the middle of a field like a hipster that got lost on his way to a jazz club."

However, some were willing to believe: "lts real. They are called The little grey. four to four and a half feet tall," said one TikTok user.

A second person added: "I had the same thing happen to me while playing with my dog 1 am."

A third said: "they are now everywhere."

This comes amid of flurry of UFO-related news such as the south pole apparently being a form of "air traffic control" for aliens and an ex-Nasa astronaut claiming that aliens prevented a nuclear war on Earth.

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