The 'Ben Stage' TikTok trend explained

The 'Ben Stage' TikTok trend explained
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From quizzes to challenges, there's always a new TikTok trend to keep up with - and this one revolves around anyone named Ben.

It turns out when it comes to dating, this name is on everyone's lips as they've shared how they've dated a guy called Ben before.

But alas, those sharing these details don't exactly have positive things to say about their experience as it appears whatever relationship they had with a Ben didn't end so well.

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And now people are documenting the moment in their life that they dated a Ben aka the "Ben stage."

The trend began thanks a video by a TikToker called Gubster who wrote “seeing any girl go through her ‘Ben’ stage” and played the song "Dog Days Are Over," by Florence + The Machine.

With a focus on the lyrics "you better run," as Gubster signaled to viewers they should run away from men called Ben.

After receiving 10.8m on her warning clip, there were a number of comments that vouched for this statement.

One person said: "Only valid Ben is Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec."

"My Ben stage actually broke me and I had to go to therapy lmao," another person wrote.

Someone else added: ""My Ben stage ruined me."

"Laughing bc I just had my Ben stage and it’s broke me x" a fourth person commented.

Soon others made video similar to this, also claiming guys named Ben are toxic as a result of a romantic encounter they had with one who ruined their life.

"So does every girl go through their Ben stage because boy do I have some tea," one person stitched the original video.

Another person agreed: "Raise your hand if you’ve also been personally victimised."

Mirroring the original video, someone else warned: "she should save herself while she can."

However, some people did defend against the Ben slander by sharing positive experiences they have had they men who share this name.

One person wrote: "I’m engaged to my Ben stage w a baby in the way and we just got a house but anyways."

"Me sitting here pregnant to my gorgeous boyfriend Ben feeling called out," another person said.

A third added: "My husband’s a Ben but he’s the best."

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