Influencer who got boyfriend's name tattooed on her head comes clean after going viral

Influencer who got boyfriend's name tattooed on her head comes clean after going viral
I regret my tattoo 😔 #facetattoo #tattoo

It’s amazing what grown adults will do for a bit of attention on social media – not least, an influencer who claimed to have got her boyfriend’s name tattooed across her forehead.

Now, it has emerged it was all fake.

Ana Stanskovsky posted a video last week in which a tattoo artist appeared to have inked her face with the name Kevin.

Even then, commenters did not believe it was real, but Stanskovsky said: “Yes, it’s real. I can’t even believe it myself that I did it.”

“I know it’s a little bit crazy. But I like to express my feelings, and I think if you really love someone you should be able to show it off.”

She said that everyone on social media telling her it isn’t real was leaving her “sick and tired”.

“I don’t know why people think getting such a big tattoo on your forehead is a big deal...You can still find a job and stuff.”

“If we break up, I will just have to find myself a different Kevin.”

But a week later, to the shock of very few people, she revealed the tattoo isn’t real..

Stanskovsky, who has a number of tattoos all across her body, posted a video on social media where she wiped off the word from her forehead.


My new face tattoo ❤️

She said: “All I want to say is that I regret my tattoo...but not this one.”

“Because this is not actually a real tattoo.

“And the reason why I tricked the whole internet is that I have a message to young people and all of the people who want to get covered in tattoos.

“I want everyone to know that I regret my tattoos and you might regret yours when you get older.

“And as a person fully covered in tattoos, I feel like this is my responsibility to speak up, share my experience, and when people see me on social media the first thing they notice about me is my tattoos.

“So if I influence people, I want to influence people in the right way.”

However, for one commenter, it appears it was too late.

The person commented beneath her video: "Too late, now i have a forehead tattoo."

Let's hope they're also joking, eh?

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