Influencer event sparks outrage for 'distressing' animals

Influencer event sparks outrage for 'distressing' animals
Professional snake wrangler finds a new home for a beautiful and rare …

A nightclub in Australia is reportedly being investigated after hosting a wild influencer party with reptiles and baby crocodiles.

Two Wrongs in Melbourne relaunched over the weekend with an invite-only bash, welcoming the likes of model Morgan Waterhouse and influencer Britt Reukers.

Photos from the night were reportedly shared to the club's official Instagram page on Saturday night (27 May) but were seemingly removed.

Images showed internet stars posing with snakes and kissing baby crocs.

The RSPCA has since spoken on the matter, saying that the setting would have been "highly distressing" to the animals.

"The environment the animals were in is highly likely to have been distressing to the animals and will likely have caused an excessive disturbance for them, particularly for reptiles who are sensitive to vibrations and loud music," they said, as per AU News.

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The Instagram account 'Aussie Influencer Opinions', which has since gone private on the platform, reportedly screenshotted and shared the controversial posts online. They were soon inundated with comments from outraged followers.

"Use of animals as a promotional tool in an incredibly frightening environment for them is disgusting and cruel," one follower wrote, while another added: "Passing around animals in a bar is just cruel. Great rebrand."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Taking a domesticated animal, like a cat or a dog, to a club would be extremely cruel – but to be taking wildlife, reptiles at that, is insane."

"Literally disgusting! People and companies will do anything for publicity these days," another added.

Indy100 reached out to Two Wrongs nightclub for comment.

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