Bride claims her dead daughter appeared in her wedding photos

Bride claims her dead daughter appeared in her wedding photos
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A bride has gone viral after making creepy claims that her daughter's spirit showed up in her wedding snaps.

In a TikTok that's racked up a staggering 1.4 million views, Leah (@leah29murphy) shared the harrowing story of her big day.

"I don’t believe in many things," Leah wrote in the text overlay. "But I believe she was there to watch myself and her dad get married in honor of her."

The video shows a wholesome photo of the bride and groom sharing a kiss – but on closer inspection, there appears to be a hazy figure mirroring a small child in the background, standing by the trees.

"I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes," Leah told Indy100. "I went straight in to show my husband and we both just sat there in shock. We kept looking at the photo zooming in.

"I tried so hard to include her in our wedding, and I take so much comfort knowing she was with us on our special day."

Leah's video was soon flooded with heartfelt comments, with many claiming to have seen the "spirit" ahead of being highlighted.

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I don't believe in many things, especially with the recent loss of our daughter had me thinking she wasn't there sharing our special day with us, and this proves otherwise. I'm forever missing you my little shadow. 👼🏼💕#infantloss #paranormal #fyp #foryoupageofficiall #fypシ #tottymurphy #mybabygirl @[-O-]

"This gave me goosebumps so sorry for your loss," one said, before reassuring Leah that her "little girl was there that day."

"I saw that she was there straight away, before it was circled and zoomed in!. Beautiful," another viewer wrote.

Many more were reduced to tears, with one user penning: "My tears instantly started falling once I seen her. she was making sure you would know she is always there with you."

"Oh man I totally got chills I love this, she didn't wanna miss it special day," another TikToker added.

"I'm forever missing you my little shadow," she poignantly signed off the clip.

In a separate clip, Leah shared the heartbreaking story of Totty's death, which she revealed to be a result of a drowning incident. Leah said she received a call from her 12-year-old daughter saying 17-month old Totty was "unresponsive".

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