Bride accidentally records wedding guests talking 's**t' about her gay marriage in audio guestbook

Bride accidentally records wedding guests talking 's**t' about her gay marriage in audio guestbook
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A bride accidentally found out that her wedding guests were talking “s***” about her gay marriage after it was recorded in a DIY audio guestbook.

Yaya (@yayakampen) took to TikTok to break down exactly how it all went down.

In a video, she said that she wanted to purchase an audio guestbook that would allow guests to leave a message for her and her spouse on the phone.

And after the ceremony is complete, the company would take the phone and put all the messages together on something like a vinyl record.

Yaya and her spouse loved that concept, but found it a bit too pricey, saying the ones they wanted were around “$600 or $700.”

As a result, they decided to get crafty, making their own.

Buying an old-fashioned phone from a thrift store, Yaya installed a tiny, sound-sensitive audio recorder into the handle.

It would only record when it heard a voice, so Yaya believed she would get to listen to all of the sweet messages her guests left for her.

But, she got more “s***” than she bargained for.

A week after her wedding festivities, she noticed that the recorder picked up “two hours” of people leaving messages but also all the other things happening at the wedding.

Yaya said she and her spouse are not the type to expect dramatic things to happen on their special day, and they had “incredible people” who went.

However, she realised that the wedding caused a lot o drama in their small town and in their extended family. Yaya also said that she and her spouse caused some drama by rescinding invites to those who didn’t support their union.

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Accidental tea lol ☎️🤫🕵️‍♀️ #weddingtips #audioguestbook

Several people took to the comment section of her video, eager to hear her spill the “tea” on what was exactly said by the guests.

So, it prompted Yaya to share some in a second video.

She showed how the recorder picked up every little thing, from her getting out of her car to guests intentionally leaving messages and those who were speaking candidly.

Then, she shared audio of two cousins who spoke about those who weren’t invited to the wedding.

In the audio clip, one of the cousins tells the other that the people they’re talking about weren’t at the wedding because they were uninvited.

“How tacky and disrespectful can you be?” one of the relatives said, seemingly about Yaya and her wife.

Yaya bleeped out many of the names to keep people’s privacy.


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Indy100 reached out to Yaya for comment.

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