'Bridesmaid for hire' claims she caught groom cheating on wedding day

'Bridesmaid for hire' claims she caught groom cheating on wedding day
Angela After Dark: Groom embarrasses bride after showing video of her cheating …

A woman, who works as a bridesmaid for hire, has turned to TikTok with claims that she caught a groom cheating on his wedding day.

Jen Glantz (@bridesmaidforhire) insinuated to her 1.1 million viewers that it wasn't just the once. Jen mimed along to Doja Cat’s 'Ain’t Sh**' song, which says: "This happened one, two, three times too much."

In a follow-up video responding to a comment hoping Jen told the bride, the professional bridesmaid explained: "The first time I told the person getting married, she said she already knew. But she didn’t want to make it a thing. And she just wanted to marry the person anyway, even though he was cheating."

She continued: "The second time this happened, I told the groom that he better tell the bride that he’s cheating on her or else I will. And he did. They also still got married."

It didn't take long for people to chime in on her claims, with one writing: "I’ve been waiting for this. I went to a wedding, and we found the groom in bed with the bridesmaid."

Another commented: "I work at a resort… I have seen grooms ask for an extra room in the middle of the night with another woman."

Meanwhile, a third suggested: "Florist here!! I could write a book."

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No joke. It didn’t end well. #cheating #wedtok #groomsreaction

Jen, who has worked as a professional bridesmaid for almost ten years, had the idea to launch her unique career path after being a bridesmaid for many of her friends and family members.

She started off by advertising the service as a 'bridesmaid to hire' on Craigslist and said she received over 300 responses.

Jen's prices start at around $2,500, telling the US Sun: "I always say 'I’m the on call therapist, the personal assistant, the social director, and the peacekeeper who deals with all of the drama."

She continued: "The only catch is that when people hire me, they hire me to go undercover. So I use a fake name, a fake backstory of how I know them from their real life.

"Most of the time the person they’re marrying has no idea."

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