This time-saving life hack will let you change your duvet cover in seconds

This time-saving life hack will let you change your duvet cover in seconds
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When it comes to doing household chores, changing our duvet covers can be a toilsome task and it being a bigger struggle if you're working with a double duvet.

Various attempts to get the cover and comforter to align can be time-consuming, when all we want it to relax and have a good night's sleep on from clean fresh and sheets.

But now, a TikTok couple have the perfect solution to speeding up this process (with the help of a partner or friend).

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"We just learned a new way to change the duvet," TikToker Jack (@ruesaint) and his partner Stéphanie (@laparasian) wrote in on-screen text caption.

They then broke down what to do in three simple steps:

Step one was "put duvet cover on boyfriend" so Jack was submerged in the sheets.

Now that the TikToker looked like a ghost, the second step was to "let boyfriend grab the corners", as Stéphanie also put the two corners of the comfort in each of Jack's hands so that it was aligned with the cover.

The third and final step was to 'put cover over duvet," as Stéphanie reached to lift the cover from Jack's feet and over him to secure the cover onto the comforter.


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Since sharing the duvet demonstration the couple's video has gone viral, receiving 9.7m views and the comments section was full of people cracking jokes, sharing that they use the same technique - both with a partner or alone.

One person joked: "Step 1: get a bf."

"Wait this is genius," another person said.

A third added: "We do this and he pretends to be a spooky ghost every time it’s my fav ritual hahaha."

"I've been doing this for years - and for some reason my wife finds it hilarious every time which I don't hate," a fourth person commented.

Someone else quipped: "I wonder if this would work with me and my cat."

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