Heartfelt moment couple proposes to each other at the same time

Heartwarming moment a couple accidentally propose to each other at the same …

Love was certainly in the air for one couple at Disneyland, who managed to propose to each at the very same time.

In a TikTok video that has since gone viral, Mac - who uses they/them pronouns - decided to pop the question to their boyfriend and felt that the perfect venue was outside the Cinderella Castle at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

It seems great minds think alike, as little did Mac know but their boyfriend also decided to propose outside the fairytale castle.

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The clip shows Mac sporting a patterned dress posing for pictures alongside their boyfriend who was wearing a t-shirt and shorts in front of the iconic flagship attraction.

The next minute Mac got down on with knee with a ring, where their boyfriend look shocked and chuckled knowing he was about to pull the same grand gesture.

He then reached down into the pocket of his shorts to pull out his ring he got for Mac as he then joined them, getting down on one knee.


what can i say? we share one brain cell 😂 now we share more! (and have a partner reveal! he's a fairly private person, which is why he hasn't popped up in my tiktoks yet. I can no longer call him my boyfriend 🥰) huge shoutout to @Generic Millennial NPC and @littlestinkah for filming ❤️ #justengaged #proposal #proposalvideo #waltdisneyworld #magickingdompark

The couple can be seen gleefully chuckling at this happy coincidence, while onlookers and photographers watched the double proposal and cheered them on in excitement.

Mac had their head in their hands, full of emotion as the pair then exchanged rings and then stood up together and shared a kiss before posing together with their engagement rings.

"What can i say? We share one brain cell 😂 now we share more!" Mac wrote in the caption.

"(and have a partner reveal! he's a fairly private person, which is why he hasn't popped up in my tiktoks yet. I can no longer call him my boyfriend)."

Since sharing the romantic moment, the clip has received 14.7m views, 2.1m likes, along with over 21,000 comments from people who loved watching the double proposal.

One person wrote: "Nothing hits me right through the heart like a double proposal."

"At least they know it's a mutual feeling. congrats!" another person said.

Someone else added: "What!! He Countered your offer!!" to which Mac replied: "Hit me with that Uno Reverse card."

"And I bet all the friends knew and were just like this is gonna be epic!" a fourth person commented.

In response, Mac said: "My auntie on the left didn't know, my cousin who filmed knew from both of us individually, and so did his mom! they've been dying for a month."

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