'Cozy cardio' is taking over TikTok – but what is it?

'Cozy cardio' is taking over TikTok – but what is it?
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A new fitness craze dubbed 'cozy cardio' is taking over TikTok with over a million views under its belt.

The term, coined by creator Hope Zuckerbrow, epitomises a more relaxed approach to cardio with toned-down elements such as candles, soft lighting and relaxed outfits such as dressing gowns.

Flora Harris, buyer for sportswear at Pour Moi, says: "The ‘hot girl walk’ was a game changer in terms of making walking cool again – but for some people, the thought of having to get changed and go outside is a big turn-off."

The wholesome trend focuses on "indoor walking on a walking pad, in the comfort of your favourite loungewear or dressing gown, with a backdrop of candlelight and your favourite comfort TV show."

Cozy cardio has since become a phenomenon across the globe, with one saying "This has changed my life."

Another fan added: "I just put a walking pad in my room…i get up and do 45 minutes immediately…it’s been working out."

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Sportswear experts at Pour Moi have pulled together five helpful tips for anyone wanting to give it a go for themselves:

Carve out some time in your morning or evening

The ideal cozy cardio time is before your day starts, or as your evening is winding down. Zuckerbrow is a fan of a 5 or 6am slot, but other people on TikTok have posted equally cozy examples of them taking on the trend at 8pm. What’s great about those times is that it’s likely a little darker outside so you can make your indoor space extra cosy with drawn curtains and candlelight.

You don’t need to have a walking pad

Although many of the videos on TikTok show people using a walking pad or treadmill, you can do some cozy cardio with any type of exercise. The key is to make sure it’s not too high intensity so that you can maintain your cosy vibes. A static bike or stepper machine would work well, or you can do it without any equipment and just do steps on the spot.

Comfort is king, but remember a sports bra

Although one of the main selling points of this trend is the fact you don’t need to be dressed up in the latest athleisure looks (yes you can work out in a dressing gown!), it’s important to pop on a sports bra – even if you are just doing low intensity walking. This doesn’t mean wearing something super tight and uncomfortable, but picking a low intensity bra or crop top that keeps your boobs supported whilst you enjoy your cosy workout.

Keep hydrated and set the mood safely

Cozy cardio is that relaxed that you might forget you are working out – but a 20 or 30 minute session can burn around 100 calories! It’s important to remember to drink water throughout, so make sure you have a bottle handy or take a break to rehydrate. Although many of the cozy cardio videos feature a yummy iced coffee, it’s water that is key when working out. Candlelight can bring peak cosy elements, but consider using battery-operated candles for safety reasons - they still look super pretty.

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