Woman shoots her shot with fellow passenger on plane

Woman shoots her shot with fellow passenger on plane

This year has witnessed a more laid-back approach to dating, with Tinder noting a rise in people being 'not attached to an outcome' (NATO).

Dating in this generation is often fuelled by apps, and can sometimes lead to fatigue from swiping continuously to find The (so-called) One.

But now, one woman stripped it back to basics and approached things differently – by simply shooting her shot in real life.

While striking up a conversation isn't something out of the ordinary, this woman shared how she developed a crush while flying overseas, and decided to follow up on it.

In her viral TikTok, that's since racked up three million views online, Natalie simply explained how there was a "cute guy" sitting in front of her on the plane.

She passed him a hand-written note on a napkin which read: "If you're single/interested, text me sometime," along with her phone number and a smiley face for good measure.

The man turned around and introduced himself, and later texted her once they landed.

"Hey Natalie nice to meet you," he wrote. "And yes single and interested."


Also did this towards the end of the flight so it wasn’t awkward for a long time just incase 😅 #datingtok #catchingflights #singletok #flightsandfeelings #summer23

Hundreds of fellow TikTokers flocked to the clip eager to know more.

"Catch flights AND feelings," one person joked, while another added: "I have friends that met on a flight. The theme of their wedding was 'Love at first flight'".

"This is why people need to get comfortable shooting their shot," a third wrote. "Good for you girly."

In a follow-up clip, Natalie explained how he asked her out on a date.

"I'm free tomorrow and Monday night," he wrote. "Down for a date night? There's a couple fun places I've been wanting to check out."

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