Thoughtful teenager leaves inspiring 'ding dong ditch' doorbell cam message

Thoughtful teenager leaves inspiring 'ding dong ditch' doorbell cam message

Thoughtful teenager leaves inspiring 'ding dong ditch' doorbell cam message

HumanKind/Ashley Mann/TikTok

A teenager has gone viral on TikTok after leaving a heartwarming message on a stranger’s doorbell camera.

Jacksen was walking around the neighbourhood with some friends who were playing ‘ding-dong ditch’, he walked ahead of his friends and went up to Ashley Mann’s house, looking into the camera and leaving an inspiring message.

“If you can see me, then you matter, alright?” Jacksen said, “There’s always gonna be somebody that cares about you and you’re a good person no matter what people say, you matter.”

One of the boys then runs up and rings the doorbell before running away, but Jacksen carries on with his message: “Ignore them, they’re losers. They’re ‘ding-dong ditching’ you, I’m just trying to say something nice. Like I don’t know what they’re doing, they’re running away and stuff. I’m just trying to say that you matter man, or girl, whoever you are you matter to someone. Just keep that in mind, don’t forget that.”

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Ashley posted the video to TikTok, which has now been reposted numerous times, with the original racking up over 5 million views. Ashley called the video a “random act of kindness”, and viewers agreed. The comment section was full of people applauding Jacksen’s kind words, and saying how well he has been raised.


Random acts of kindness ❤️

“That child has been raised right,” one user commented.

Another agreed writing, “that’s so sweet! And from a teenager! He’s obviously been taught well!”

“His words could’ve saved someone’s life,” a touched viewer pointed out.

And they weren’t the only one to think so: “Messages like this often find the right person at the right time. Kid may not realise now but I hope one day it comes back to him when he needs it.”

“Wow! This kid’s got more heart and soul than most adults I come across today and I’m in my 40s,” read another comment.

In response to the outpour of love on social media, Ashley, Jacksen and his family have set up a mental health fundraiser on GoFundMe to encourage people to support those in need.

“Hey everyone, My name is Ashley back on July 12th I uploaded a video from my doorbell camera to TikTok,” Ashley wrote on the fundraiser’s page. “Jacksen had decided to leave a very positive and uplifting message. I decided to share it to everyone because more people needed to see and hear it especially those who could be struggling. Little did I know it was going to go viral!

“Jacksen’s family and I decided to do something with this and create this fundraiser to hopefully raise some money to donate to a local Mental Health resource in our community. Anything is welcomed and if you don’t want to donate please make sure to spread positivity anywhere you go.” She added.

They have currently managed to raise over $400.

Speaking to CBS News Minnesota, 13-year-old Jacksen said “I just saw the doorbell camera when we were walking to the gas station and I just thought maybe I should say something nice to it.” “Cause my friends were ‘ding-dong ditching’ those cameras, and I was like, you know what? How about I go say something nice? Maybe they need to hear it.”

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