'Pretty' TikToker sparks debate by calling out 'average girls'

'Pretty' TikToker sparks debate by calling out 'average girls'

TikToker Elle has apparently dedicated her account to showing off how 'pretty' she is


Body positivity is all about celebrating yourself and feeling confident.

However, one woman’s self-administered pats on the back haven’t always gone down so well on social media.

The TikToker, called Elle, has ostensibly dedicated her account to telling the world how “pretty” she is.

Now, this auto-appreciation may not sound too outrageous (after, all isn’t that what many users do, in one form or another?), but what viewers have really taken issue with is how she addresses other women.

“Average girls” is her preferred moniker for people she deems to be less attractive than she is.

In one clip, Elle mimes along to the song ‘Bed Peace’ by Jhené Aiko, while the text overlay reads: “When I compliment average girls ’cause I know it means a lot coming from a pretty girl like me.”

The eight-second video racked up more than 12 million views and 1.8 million likes in just five days, as more than 27,900 commentators voiced their opinions on the boast.


So pretty today

“I need this confidence,” one admirer wrote.

“You look so good!” said another.

Meanwhile, others insisted she could big herself up without putting other people down, with one stressing: “It’s easy to call yourself pretty without calling other girls ‘average’."

However, hundreds of others pointed out that the whole thing was probably just a joke.

And, to be fair, take one glance at her TikTok and you’ll see that almost every upload is titled ‘So pretty today’ or a variation on that theme.

Elle clearly enjoys ruffling people’s feathers – captioning one video: “Me scrolling past all the hate comments trying to ‘humble me’ knowing the’yre all average girls on their 3rd bag of chips today.”


So pretty today. My eyes look like small marbles in this one

Another reads: “When I compliment girls wearing makeup ‘cause it means a lot coming from a girl that looks pretty without it.”

And a third says: “Tried my best to look like an average girl tonight so I can blend into the crowd.”

And whilst many people have failed to register that she’s just being playfully provocative, others have insisted that she deserves to rate herself highly.

“Okay jokes aside, you’re actually really pretty,” one wrote.

While another added: “Bae, you slay every day. Remind them.”

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