Musk superfan is living outside SpaceX HQ until Elon hugs him

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For nearly 30 days, YouTuber Fidias Panayiotou, has been camping outside SpaceX headquarters in Brownsville, Texas hoping to get a hug from Elon Musk.

Fidias, 26, is on a mission to hug 100 celebrities and at the top of his list is the founder of SpaceX and recent Twitter owner, Musk. With 99 celebrities down, Fidias wants Musk to be number 100.

So, to get Musk's attention, Fidias has been camping outside the SpaceX headquarters with signs and posters asking Musk to hug him.

For 28 days, the YouTuber has documented his camping experience on TikTok.

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Each day, Fidias wakes up trying to find new ways to get Musk's attention, and thanks to subscribers and fans he always has a new method.

On day nine, a fan brought a giant poster of Fidias and Musk photoshopped together hugging. On day 18, a group of people helped Fidias spell out "Hug Fidias" using their bodies.


Day 28 of trying to hug elon musk #hugelon #spacex #elonmusk

Fidias has seemingly been noticed by Musk already.

On day 27, the YouTuber got the attention of Musk's mother, Maye Musk, after asking fans to "spam" her Instagram.

Maye tweeted, "What is good about ⁦Twitter⁩ is you can complain about spamming on Instagram. ⁦@Fidias0⁩ asked his IG followers to spam me. I have removed over 500 comments. @ElonMusk please do not hug this malicious man. Stay safe."

Musk responded with an "🤗" emoji indicating he knew about Fidias' antics.

The YouTuber apologised to Maye in a TikTok video but with a mother's warning, fans think it's unlikely Fidias will get his hug.


Day 27 of trying to hug elon musk#hugelon #spacex #elonmusk

Despite facing some roadblocks like Maye Musk's warning and security removing him from the street, Fidias is determined to remain at SpaceX until he gets his hug.

In a video, Fidias says Musk is his "favorite person in the world" and impacted his life by getting him interested in science and history.

Now millions of users on TikTok are invested in the Fidias-Musk hug.

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