Flight attendant shares ‘game-changing’ hidden button on airplane seat

Flight attendant shares ‘game-changing’ hidden button on airplane seat

We love a good flight hack here at indy100, and now one expert has shared a top tip on TikTok which might just make things a little easier the next time you’re in the air.

A flight attendant with TUI Airways posted a clip which focuses on the “game changing” and “hidden” button on arm rests.

TikToker and attendant Charlie Silver hoped the hack might just make things a little more comfortable for people travelling in the aisle seat.

“Are you sitting on the aisle seat wondering why your armrest doesn’t go up?” she says in the clip.

The video has been viewed more than 1.4 million times and it shows her pressing a button under the arm rest itself.


This video is for people who didnt know that the aisle seat armrest moves too, its like this on most aircraft types 😇✈️ #airplanehacks #travel #aviation #cabincrew #flightattendant #flyingtip #fyp #aisleseat

“Well, here you go. Here’s a little hack for you. Press this little hidden button, and voila! Your armrest will move freely up and down,” Charlie adds in the clip.

The short clip has gained a lot of traction on the app and plenty of people thanked her in the comments for the insight.

“I want her as my flight attendant,” one wrote.

Another added: “Thanks for this always try to move it up but couldn’t.”

“Omg game changer! Flying TUI to Cape Verde next week and I’m aisle seat!” a happy viewer said.

When asked by one viewer if all planes have this hidden button, Charlie replied: “Yes they should do.”

Something to try out the next time you fly in the aisle seat.

It comes after a flight expert with 14 years of experience in the industry opened up to indy100 about the best seats to choose if you're a nervous flyer or want to avoid turbulence as much as possible.

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