Flight expert reveals the best seats to choose and if you want to feel less turbulence

Flight expert reveals the best seats to choose and if you want to feel less turbulence
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Turbulence is an inevitable part of flying, but there are things that passengers can do to minimise its effects.

A flight expert with 14 years of experience in the industry has opened up about the best seats to choose if you’re a nervous flyer or want to avoid turbulence as much as possible.

Ally Murphy was a member of the cabin crew with Virgin Atlantic who has seen it all when it comes to aviation.

Speaking to indy100, Ally said: “If you want the least amount of turbulence, you want to sit over the wings. That's where everything is the most steady. You'll feel it more at the front and in the back.”

Ally also spoke about the seats who go for, depending on passenger preferences.

“There's been lots of investigations on this, but the safest place to sit is at the back,” she said. “It kind of depends on what sort of thing you're after. A lot of people don't want anyone putting their seat back in front of them, so they’ll want to sit at the bulkhead. If you want to recline without worrying about anyone then sit at the back.”


Ally also cleared up the question as to why people were often seated next to each, even when the plane is far from full, rather than being spaced out.

“The plane is balanced. Sometimes you get on a plane and there's only a few people. But they're all sitting in one place. It's because it's balanced with the cargo hold below, so they need the weight balance to be right for a safe takeoff.”

Ally also told indy100 about the secret games and codes that crew often use to pass the time during long flights - and it turns out that they could be talking about you in code without you realising it.

A game the crew often like to play is all focused on finding “bob”.

That doesn't necessarily mean looking for a man called Bob, either. Instead, bob stands for “best on board”. Crew would task each other with finding the person they fancied the most on the plane, before relaying the message covertly to members of their team.

“There's always that code,” Ally told indy100. “If you say, ‘Oh, Bob is sitting in 28C’. That means the best on board, so the best looking person on board.”

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