Flight expert claims hack lets parents upgrade family to business class

Flight expert claims hack lets parents upgrade family to business class

Flying business class is a luxury relatively few people can afford for themselves – let alone for the whole family.

However, a flight expert on TikTok has revealed his hack for parents looking to get their families upgraded to business class.

Dad Jimmy, who posted on the family account ‘themothfamily’, shared what he called “one of the best-kept secrets about business class”.

He said: “One of the best-kept secrets about business class is that no one pays for it. Well, I suppose they pay for it indirectly, but no one pays cash for business class.”

It turns out ,according to Jimmy, that it’s all to do with unlocking frequent flyer points by opening credit cards.


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“A credit card may offer 100,000 points for a $3000 spend limit. You apply for the card, spend the limit, and get 100,000 points, which will get you a business-class ticket from Perth to LA,” he said.

Urging viewers to “rinse and repeat with other offers”, he went on to say: “The credit card companies rely on people not paying for their credit cards. So the few people that do take advantage of these points systems are so minuscule compared to the amount of people that just don’t pay credit cards off on time.”

The video has racked up close to two million views, although some people questioned whether the tip he recommended would have a negative impact on people’s credit scores.

“This will absolutely tank your credit score, even if they're all paid off. All credit enquiries except home loans, lower your score in AU,” one viewer said in the comments section.

“Doesn’t this ruin your credit score tho?” another asked.

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