The meaning behind 'hair theory' as test goes viral on TikTok

The meaning behind 'hair theory' as test goes viral on TikTok
Throughout the Pandemic, Women Spent a lot of Time Changing Their Hairstyles

TikTok has birthed some interesting trends in recent months, with cryptic codewords to disguise talking points to their desired audience.

By now, avid TikTokers would have seen the "hair theory" at least once, leaving many scratching their heads at the vague description.

While it sounds like yet another secret term following in the footsteps of "mascara" and "304", it's pretty much self-explanatory.

In one viral clip from user @lov3h8, the TikToker showcases a montage of herself donning a variety of hairstyles.

The premise behind the theory is that a hairstyle can completely transform a person's appearance, according to HITCwhich is far from a new concept as many hairdressers will tell you.

The theory may not be backed by science, but it sure does have Gen-Z in a chokehold.

"So you’re telling me… All I need to do is part my hair differently and I’ll be instantly prettier," one stunned TikToker commented, while another highlighted how "real" it is.

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It comes after the viral 'boyfriend air' theory made waves across the platform, once again, centred on female appearance.

"You walk in with your femininity, your feminine goddess energy, you’re in the presence of this male and then all of a sudden, it uglifies you," one TikTok user explained.

"Two seconds with my bf and suddenly I have no makeup on, my face is puffy and breaking out, I haven't showered in weeks and my hair looks like a creature has been living in it," another person claimed.

According to Know Your Meme, the term, that's racked up millions of views, defines "when you're with your boyfriend accentuates flaws in your physical appearance, for example, giving you messy hair, causing your skin to break out and ruining your makeup."

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