Homeowner left horrified after opening old suitcase found hidden behind wall

Homeowner left horrified after opening old suitcase found hidden behind wall

Homeowner left horrified after opening old suitcase found hidden behind wall


When renovating a home, you never know what you might discover, and for one woman she discovered a random suitcase hidden back the walls of her new house.

The TikTok account @stonestack_rennovation provided the context that she and her partner had recently moved into a home that was built back in the 1960s, and with it being around 60 years old she noted it is "full of hidden gems and character".

As they began to explore their new place, they spotted behind the hidden behind two doors and a curtain there was a secret crawl space.

Keen to find out more, the pair decided to crawl inside themselves to see what was there which is when they noticed an area was blocked off and then got a torch to take a look.

That's when the woman found the silver Rimowa suitcase near the back and was eager to see if there was anything packed inside of it.

"We didn't think that was a dead body. Alongside the super obvious points of there being no hideous smell, and there were no flies either," the woman explained in the clip.


Replying to @Kim Leslie Sorry for the delay in getting part 3 out, we have bedn extremely busy renovating and celebrating new year #fyp #hiddengems #renn #rennovation #rennovationproject #foryou #foryourpage #f #hidden #creepy

"My dog came up at this point and was acting a little bit weird.

"I think he was a little bit scared to see what was in there, but he didn't need to be because there were just some old sweets, a sewing kit, a pencil and nothing out of the ordinary."

There was also a smaller case inside the big one, and the couple also opened this case to see if there was anything inside - and were surprised at what they found.

"Within this case there was a strange doll I mean, it's nothing from a horror movie or anything out of the ordinary, but it is a really strange doll. I think it could be a collectable," she said.

"I'm not entirely sure, but there's a little bit weird, especially because it was strapped in.

"I don't really know how I feel about that, but here's just a close-up of the very disturbing doll And my dog doesn't look too impressed either."

Since sharing the video, it has gone viral with 2m views as people were not a fan of the doll and noted how it is like something out of a horror movie.

One person said: "Sell the house.. that was double protected for a reason."

"Keep us updated on what you have awoken please," another person wrote.

A third commented: "The fact the dog was unsure before u even opened it."

"Na they locked it in there for a reason we only just got into 2024 pleaseeeee put it back," a fourth person replied.

Someone else responded: "I've seen this before it's the beginning of a horror movie."

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