Hotel apologises after using guest's toothbrush to clean his room

Hotel apologises after using guest's toothbrush to clean his room
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A hotel guest was left fuming after discovering the hotel used his toothbrush to clean the room.

Frequent users of hotels such as flight attendants have gone viral in the past over their warnings about things to avoid at all costs during a stay.

But, one man was left absolutely livid after discovering the hotel he was staying in used the toothbrush he left out on the counter to clean with.

Estate agent Lavell Jackson shared a clip on TikTok detailing the shocking incident and warned others not to leave toothbrushes out at hotels.

In the video, he explained his “housekeeping horror” story that occurred while he was staying at the Mandalay Bay luxury resort and casino in Las Vegas.

Jackson said: “I will no longer be leaving my toothbrush out. I didn’t think it was real but evidently it is…they used my toothbrush to clean and they’re being nasty to me about it.”


Mandalay Bay Las Vegas. Housekeeping horror stories. Why would you Ean with someone's toothbrush?!? #mandalaybaylasvegas #mgm #lasvegas

He continued, explaining what the hotel’s idea of an apology was. He added: “They want to offer me a fifty-dollar credit and a new toothbrush…I can’t make this stuff up.”

Jackson was asked in the comments how he discovered that his toothbrush had been used.

He responded: “The next morning as soon as it hit my mouth, I yanked it out. Brushes were just crazy soft and all outside brushes were pushed out and the inside brushes were all over the place… it was very obvious.”

In the comments, it seems many TikTokers don’t trust hotels to clean their rooms responsibly.

One person wrote: “I ALWAYS put out the do not disturb sign when I leave the room! I request service while I’m in the room!”

Another said: “It’s funny you bring this up. I actually HIDE my toothbrush! I get it out when I need it and then hide it again. I NEVER TRUST ANYONE!!”

“Another fear unlocked,” one horrified user wrote.

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