What does the 'i cow pa rain' meme mean?

What does the 'i cow pa rain' meme mean?
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The phrase "i cow pa rain" is a meme that has been circulating on TikTok - but what does it mean?

Well, "i cow pa rain" is inspired by a phrase from the Philippines ‘ikaw pa rin’ which in English means “still you”.

Those who used the Filipino phrase as part of the trend also use the song that has the same name for their TikTok videos (as seen below).

Now, the trend has seen a resurgence once more due to matching up the phrase with emojis – the letter ‘I’ followed by a cow emoji and a black cloud after the word pa.


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Often, videos from this trend see people express their love and admiration for another person.

As part of the meme, some users post videos with their favourite musician to express how much of a fan they are or to express to a person they are in love with that it's "still you" as seen in the video above.

It was also noted via Twitter/X, as per HITC, that the phrase ikaw pa rin doesn't translate to a coherent phrase in English, though those who understand the expression in Filipino will understanding the meaning with the cow and the rain emojis.

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