TikTok star Jack Wright likened traditional Indian attire to ‘The Hunger Games' – and it didn’t go down well

TikTok star Jack Wright likened traditional Indian attire to ‘The Hunger Games' – and it didn’t go down well
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A TikTok influencer has been accused of gross insensitivity after likening traditional Indian attire to costumes worn by fictional baddies in The Hunger Games.

Jack Wright, 20, who has more than 11 million followers on the platform, was recently invited to the grand opening of Mumbai’s new Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre (NMACC), and he documented his trip via a series of videos.

The clips include him flying business class with Emirates, teaching a local man “how to rizz”, and getting attention for being a “blonde and pasty tourist in India”.

However, the vid that really irked even his loyal fans was a montage from the NMACC gala. Or, more specifically, his captions to the clip.

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“Was able to attend the actual Panem [Capitol] party,” he wrote, referring to the lavish events held by the authoritarian regime inThe Hunger Games trilogy. He even used a song from the film's soundtrack to drive home the point.

His video showed the stunning outfits worn by attendees at the glittering (real-life) event, which included Gigi Hadid and Zendaya.

Female guests generally sported bejewelled saris and lehengas, while men were decked out in ornate Nehru jackets and shirts – including Wright himself.

This compares to the over-the-top creations in the book-turned-movie franchise which made Jennifer Lawrence a household name.

“Thanks for having me Panem! Can’t wait for the 80th annual Hunger Games,” Wright joked in another caption to his TikTok.


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Viewers were not amused, however, with one writing: “Hunger Games? Bestie, this is my culture!”

Others commented simply: “Side eye at the caption,” while others told him to “work on [his] wording”.

Another demanded an "apology video with tears [right now].”

The 20-year-old did not say sorry, however, and instead posted another clip of him dressed in his golden mandarin-collared suit.

“Indian fashion is so top tier,” he wrote, adding: “I don’t wanna leave. I love India.”


i don’t wanna leave. i love india

A commentator asked sardonically in response: “Is this an apology?”

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