Meet Jasper the horrifying doll going viral on TikTok

Meet Jasper the horrifying doll going viral on TikTok
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What’s 11 inches tall, completely unhinged, and talks in a raspy voice?

The next viral TikTok sensation, apparently.

With over 10 million likes and 700k followers, Jasper the doll has managed to find a place in TikTokers’ hearts. The account, run by a 22-year-old, features a doll that has been dramatically transformed into what can only be described as a chaotic eyeliner and glitter mess.

Jasper has unruly, vaguely orange hair that sticks up straight, a head that doesn’t exactly match its body, and distinct tattoos (one of which says "#hoe").

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But what makes Jasper stand out against other dolls is its distinct, husky, and raspy voice.

One video of the doll saying, "what" has been viewed over nine million times and turned into a popular sound.



Another TikTok of Jasper giving 'advice' about how to deal with bullies (bark at them) has nearly two million views.

But for each unhinged video comes thousands of comments and likes from people who love watching the doll.

"Jasper is genuinely who is getting me through the last weeks of college," one commenter wrote.

"Can you add coffee mugs to your merch? I needdddd as Jasper coffee mug!" Another person commented.

"I love you Jasper my ringtone is you," a fan commented.

Jasper’s enigmatic presence on TikTok started organically. As videos began popping up on people’s "for you page" its fanbase grew.

Some creators have even shared videos recreating Jasper the doll’s eyeliner-heavy makeup look.


#duet with @makeupbyevelin @fartbeans7 #jasperthedoll

Others, like Connor, have spent multiple videos dressed up as Jasper to try and get the doll's acknowledgment on TikTok.


#duet with @JasperTheDoll✅ help I can’t get my gf’s mascara off #jasperthedoll #fyp #grwm #comedy #makeup

Although some may find Jasper's appearance unsettling and voice a bit scary, other people find the doll comforting, with one person writing: "Jasper the doll has taken over my FYP and it's a blessing."

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