Man born with massive hands and arms continues to baffle experts

Man born with massive hands and arms continues to baffle experts
Jeff Dabe Has The World's Largest Wedding Ring Finger

A man born with absolutely massive arms and hands has baffled medical experts.

Jeff Dabe, a 59-year-old from Minnesota has over one million followers on TikTok because of his big forearms which measure a whopping 19 inches (49cm) in circumference, with the ability to fit a basketball in each of his hands.

But no-one knows what is going on.

The University of Minnesota conducted tests looking for possible signs of gigantism and elephantiasis, but couldn’t find evidence to support that claim.

And so Dabe has embraced his life, becoming a world-champion arm wrestler.

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He said in the past: “Thanks to the World Armwrestling League I am now competing with people from all over America.

"It's so fun to travel to places we wouldn't normally go.

"I was always good at arm wrestling, but the size of my hands did shock people at first - I had the strength to back it up. People freak out when they see my hands in real life."


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But life with big limbs isn't always easy.

He told The Daily Star: "A lot of them you just kind of see them freeze up for a minute. They don’t want to talk.

"I will go through a drive-through window and I go to hand them my money and they just kind of freeze up and it takes them a second and they will take the money or say something.

“It’s kind of funny. I know right away when someone notices me, you see it in their face and they can’t quite believe it at first.”

And he doesn’t mind it, adding: “Little kids are the ones that are the funniest. They are not shy and they come up and ask right away which I like.

"They are so fun because they are always so bright about it, they don’t see nothing wrong with it whereas certain age people get more weirded out by it.

“Some people are afraid to talk to me at first because of my size.”

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