One Deaf charity is sparking The Office comparisons with their chaotic TikTok videos

Left, a white woman with short grey hair and a green top places a hand to her head in frustration. Text reads: 'Stella: urghhh Brent Cross!'. Right, two people in a club meeting wave their hands to get the attention of someone in front of them. Text over the top reads: 'outrage'.

Staff at a London-based charity supporting the Jewish Deaf community clearly have their work cut out when hosting their regular meetings – well, if their viral TikTok videos are anything to go by.

The Jewish Deaf Association (JDA), based in Barnet, has now garnered more than 47,000 followers on the short-form video platform, after an employee decided to film the antics of its older members and get involved in trends such as the Wes Anderson meme.

The JDA’s most popular video – which stands at almost six million views - came in March, when they were visited by members of the London Fire Brigade to talk about fire safety.

Just as one firefighter, named Jay, began to introduce himself, one woman named Stella blurted out: “Handsome!”

Yes, this is the kind of chaos we’re talking about.

In another hilarious moment from the video, the other firefighter named Hannah asked: “If a fire starts, what should you do?”

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To which a man referred to only as David S. replied: “Use a blanket?”

Another David – this time, David J. – chipped in: “Wave a towel at the fire?”

Needless to say you should definitely not do that.


Thank you so much to The London Firebrigade for visiting us and teaching us about fire safety! 🔥 #jdeafcharity

As the clip progresses, members can be seen disagreeing with the firefighters about turning off unused appliances and telling them they are “wrong” about their lifesaving advice.

One woman even gets up and insists she’ll “explain it easier”, as the firefighters and charity staff struggle to maintain order.

Meanwhile, in their latest video shared on Wednesday, the Deaf individuals met to discuss ideas for the next “quarterly programme” of activities.

“I want to see a Humpty Dumpty show,” suggested Leslie, as Stella fumes in the background about her dislike for betting on horses.

After charity worker Ann explains to them that they’ll be going shopping in December, specifically to the Brent Cross shopping centre, Brenda can be seen looking bemused, and Stella certainly wasn’t happy.

She signs: “Brent Cross?! No! I don’t like Brent Cross.”

“Shopping is just a waste of time,” complained Brenda.


Join our quartley programme meeting! 🤝 Starting a petition to get Leslie tickets to the Humpty Dumpty show #jdeafcharity #deafseniors

After all that, the video ends with Stella getting her things and going home.


And commenters love the videos too.

“I don’t know what a Humpty Dumpty show is, but y’all better make that happen for my man Leslie,” wrote one.

Another replied: “You never fail to disappoint. Move over The Office, this is the new show.”

“Petition to get this on primetime BBC immediately - or ITV so Colleen can record it.”

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