Woman calls out 'weirdos' after being criticised for filming strangers at a gym

Woman calls out 'weirdos' after being criticised for filming strangers at a gym
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A gymgoer has hit back at "internet weirdos" after a targeted clip from TikTok's fitness influencer Joey Swoll.

Swoll has made a name for himself online for candidly calling out what he considers poor gym etiquette. This includes the likes of recording in gyms, some influencers' entitled behaviour and equipment hogging.

In Swoll's latest rant to his millions of followers, he responded to one gymgoer's complaint that a man essentially ruined her video. Nahtalie initially took to social media with a video claiming the man "rudely took the machine and went in my [video] frame."

She went on to use a clown emoji, adding: "Like sir... You clearly saw me doing something."

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In response, Swoll said: "You don't get to selfishly hog equipment if you're super setting 2-3 other exercises while people are waiting and you don't get to tell people they can't be in 'your video space' if they're using a machine in your frame. And NOT everything needs to be posted on social media! Handle it like an adult and move on."

He continued: "As if your video is more important than another member’s workout?"

"It’s not. I’m sorry, you don’t own the gym. Not to mention, it’s not good gym etiquette to do three or four different exercises, super setting, and hog a machine."

Nahtalie was seemingly unfazed by Swoll's comments as she posted a string of Instagram Stories hitting back at "weirdos" for criticising her clip.

"Y’all need to do some breathing exercises and find a hobby," she wrote. "You only get one life, why are you choosing to be a cockroach on the internet when you can literally go outside and look at how beautiful our one life is."

"Do better," she signed off, citing Swoll's slogan.

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