Joey Swoll defends 'stupid' woman in gym

Joey Swoll defends 'stupid' woman in gym
@Emmysbakedbeans/@Thejoeyswoll (TikTok)

Influencer Joey Swoll and many others have responded to a clip that shows a woman being called "stupid" by a male gymgoer.

In a viral TikTok that's racked up over 9.5 million views online, Em (@emmysbakedbeans) was simply "just trying to get [her] lift in."

The footage shows Em on the lat machine, as a fellow gymgoer said: "Sitting there f***ing videoing yourself the whole time. It's stupid why you're doing it."

In the text overlay, the TikToker wrote: "To all men who say things like this to women... bye."

The comments soon erupted into a debate on gym etiquette, with most people supporting Em and her video.

"Videoing is a great way to receive feedback on your form in exercises or a way to capture PB's and be proud! Don't diss the camera," one suggested.

Another added: "Him going out of his way to say that makes it so obvious he's miserable in life."

A third wrote: "A lot of PTs actually suggest to videotape yourself when you begin so you can check your form. Why so much negativity bro?"

Meanwhile, others believed recording in gyms shouldn't be permitted.

"K but like why can’t people just work out without filming a movie of their journey, it’s like they need evidence," one hit back.

"His language was not ok but this is the reason I stopped going to the gym, people recording," another chimed in.


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More asked where Joey Swoll was when they needed him – and he beckoned to the call.

In a separate upload, Swoll took to his TikTok account to address the matter.

He acknowledged the divisive opinion around filming in gyms, but "that is never a reason to speak this way and be this disrespectful."


This is NEVER a reason to speak to someone this way. #gymtok #gym #fyp

"This young woman is not [a fitness influencer], I checked her content out. It's great, it's informative, it's done so responsibly and she's always so respectful and never tries to catch anybody in the background," he continued.

"Em, I'm so sorry that happened to you, keep up the great work – and please know, if I was in the gym and that man spoke to you that way, I'd have your back!"

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