John Pork meme explained as TikTok mourns death of pig meme

John Pork meme explained as TikTok mourns death of pig meme
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TikTok is known for being home to some seriously odd and quite frankly puzzling memes. Videos and references can go viral at lightning speed, as seems to have occurred with the newest meme about a pig man named John Pork.

The imaginary pig has given rise to the “John Pork is calling” meme, but now users are mourning his death.

If you’re confused, here’s everything you need to know.


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Who is John Pork?

John Pork is a computer-generated pig who appears to be half human, half pig. The pig first began appearing on Instagram via the handle @john.pork, where its creator uploaded pictures of John in different scenarios, including taking selfies at tourist spots.

In late March on TikTok, videos featuring John Pork’s face began to spread and that’s when users got creative. Some mocked up John Pork’s image onto an iPhone to make it appear as if John Pork was calling them.

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John Pork’s “death”

TikTok appears to have taken John Pork’s story in a tragic direction of its own and decided to kill off John Pork, despite the original creator on Instagram saying no such thing.

The story progression seems to be based on the fact that no one picked up his call and users suggesting that something bad happened to him because of it.

Some different TikTok theories suggest he was shot in Atlanta. One clip viewed 1.2 million times said he was found dead in the river.



In the comments, someone wrote: “I was wrong this whole time. He needed my help.”

Another said: “Maybe I should have answered blud’s calls.”

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