TikTok influencer catches boyfriend cheating thanks to special cruise ship feature

TikTok influencer catches boyfriend cheating thanks to special cruise ship feature
TikToker Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend By Printing Out All His Messages

A man’s attempt to enjoy a romantic encounter on the sun deck of a cruise ship ended in drama after he was caught in the act by his girlfriend.

The wayward boyfriend told his partner, TikTok influencer and Disney princess impersonator Kayla Gardner, that he was leaving their room to go and “get some food”. Instead, he went off for a dangerous liaison with another woman.

Kayla discovered his infidelity thanks to a special feature on the ship’s cabin TVs, which show live broadcasts from the different decks, principally to help passengers check how busy an area is.

The TikToker shared the “gut-wrenching” moment and its aftermath with her followers via a series of clips, beginning with one titled ‘How to catch a cheater on a cruise ship’.

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In the video, she explains that her man told her he was hungry so was popping out to get some food while she stayed behind in their cabin to get ready with her friend.

She says her pal was “flicking through the TV” when she came to the channel showing what was happening, live on each deck of the ship, and spotted Kayla’s bf “not getting food, but getting another woman's number, flirting with her and putting his arm around her”.

Kayla then posted a recording of their shocking discovery, in which the friend can be heard asking “Who is she?” as they gawp at the screen.

“No, dude, that can’t be him,” Kayla responds, before she looks closer and, mortified, realises that it is.


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Biting her nails and admitting she’s “stressed” as she continues to stare at the footage, Kayla then asks: “Why do they even have cameras on a ship? For what? Why would I want to watch the lido deck?”

Suddenly, her man and the unknown woman appear much closer to the camera, looking very much at home in each other’s company – he places his arm around her shoulder and draws her in close, then the pair exchange numbers.

Kayla repeatedly screams: “Oh my god!” before running out of the room and then grabbing a walkie-talkie to shriek to her friends that they all need to head to the upper lido deck “right now”.


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It’s not clear whether Kayla and her posse subsequently stormed onto the deck to confront the hapless pair, but the TikToker posted an ominous clip in response to one commentator who asked: “What happened with the cheater? Hope you threw him off [sic] board.”

The video, captioned “Not tryna incriminate myself but…” followed by a skull emoji, shows a rescue boat approaching the ship.

Clearly, the implication that she’d done away with her unfaithful partner was a joke, and in a later TikTok titled ‘Cheating aftermath’, she can be seen hurling clothes out of a window, with a (very much alive) man standing, arms raised in desperation, outside.

The caption to the clip reads: “When you come home after watching him cheat on you during a cruise.”


Replying to @user419052944 funny that you say that cause uhhhh… 😅

In another follow-up, Kayla addresses the suggestion made by some viewers that her (now) ex’s behaviour wasn’t that bad.

“Who are you to say what is and isn’t cheating?” she asks.

“To me, lying about where you're going, putting your arm around under a woman, talking to her alone, flirting with her, is considered cheating. I don't need to see them do the hanky panky to know that some foul play’s afoot.”

In a later video, she announces that it is now her “personal life’s mission to catch a cheater in the act”.

“Have you ever had an inkling that your man was up to no good but you just couldn’t prove it?” she asks.

“Here I am, baby! Ready to help and full of vengeance.”

She then adds: “The first 20 girls to message me their man’s accounts on Instagram gets him exposed.”

I guess all we can say is, cheaters of social media beware…

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