Who is Kevin the 'female gaze perfectionist' on TikTok?

I'm a male catfish, people think I'm two different people

People have become infatuated with a random man on TikTok called Kevin who has apparently "mastered" the female gaze – and unintentionally started a trend in the process.

Most people have heard about the "male gaze," when a heterosexual man stares at an objectified woman in a sexualised way – frequently seen in films and ads.

But now Kevin, who goes by the TikTok username @strangek3vin has apparently mastered the female maze, and viewers are going wild.

Kevin became an overnight sensation with his first video racking up 22 million views. It shows Kevin nervously lip-syncing to Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' before switching to being confident.

He has built an impressive following of over 3 million, along with an army of fans obsessed with his unique clips.

"Not even my type but I’m feeling it," one TikToker confessed, while another added: "As a gay men... I get it... honestly... can't say what it is but I get it."

"The confidence with the eye contact and glance at the lips," a third said.

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Another user suggested that confidence is key, writing: "This is a perfect example of how mannerisms and confidence are everryytthhiinng".

"It’s the jaw clench too omfggg he’s not even my type but I got nervous," another said.

Apparently, there's more to why women are swooning than meets the eye, and it could be down to science.


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According to an interview posted by TikToker @ohcanadacreative, the female gaze is the female perspective in filmmaking and popular culture.

"It’s about emotional intelligence, social interactions and treating each character with respect. When characters are desired by one another they’re not treated as sexual objects."

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