Tenant fumes as landlord 'covers holes with pieces of paper'

Tenant fumes as landlord 'covers holes with pieces of paper'
Landlord more than doubles tenant's rent to $2.2K, leading to fiery social …

Landlords don't exactly have the best reputation – and now, one woman on TikTok has added fuel to that fire.

In a viral clip that's racked up over half a million views, Shelby (@notsobadomens) responded to a video from a fellow TikToker who was stunned to learn that holes in his home were covered by painted pieces of paper.

"You might not have thought about it, but my landlord sure did," Shelby snapped back before showcasing a noticeable outline of a sheet of paper.

The clip was soon inundated with comments – and the deceitful move appears to be more common than you may initially think.

"My entire townhouse got the landlord special, this is so real," one renter claimed, while another added: "I had a landlord once just tape a piece of paper over a hole. Different color than the paint. Just scotch taped some paper up lmao."

A third TikToker shared: "My last landlord had used a paper plate at some point. Everyone is so creative."

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It comes after one landlord charged a tenant an extra $200 (£165) for having a pet. Now, what was the breed you may ask?

It turns out it was a goldfish.

Nic (@nicr__) was seemingly lost for words by her landlord's associated costs and fees which she went onto share in a TikTok clip. While they granted her permission to have the fish, it wasn't allowed to be an "aggressive breed".

The fees consisted of the one-off $200 payment with an additional fee of $15 (£12) as monthly rent for the fish.

"No aggressive breeds?" one person quipped, "Well there goes my plans of an oscar tank."

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