Landlord charges $200 rent for tenant's pet fish

Landlord charges $200 rent for tenant's pet fish
Landlord more than doubles tenant's rent to $2.2K, leading to fiery social …

A detail in a tenant's contract has been living rent-free in people's minds – unlike the pet fish, which is costing an additional $200 (£165) to stay at the property.

In a viral clip, TikTok user Nic (@nicr__) was seemingly lost for words by her landlord's associated costs and fees. While they granted her permission to own a fish, it wasn't allowed to be an "aggressive breed".

Furthermore, according to the displayed screenshot shared, her new apartment charges a one-off fee of $200 (£165) with an additional fee of $15 (£12) for monthly pet rent for the fish.

The TikTok racked up over 60,000 views and was soon flooded with fellow users commenting on the bizarre rule.

"They’ll do anything for money I swear," one person said about landlords.

"These apartments are out of control with their damn fees," a second added.

One TikToker empathised with Nic, humouring: "My hamster and fish get stashed in a closet when maintenance comes because it’s a $300 deposit and $35/mo pet rent."

Many more commented on the "no aggressive breed" policy, with one joking: "Are you going to release a barracuda into the halls??"

Another added: "No aggressive breeds?? Well there goes my plans of an oscar tank".

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They’re now charging pet rent for fishes? #speachless #landlords #petrent #goldfish #greenscreen #capitalism

Meanwhile, others sided with the landlord saying it made complete sense for damage purposes.

"My landlord said her fish tank broke while she was on vacation and it was a huge tank… so kinda valid lmfao," one explained.

"My old apartment allowed pets but wouldnt allow any fish tanks," one TikToker wrote, adding: "They said because the water damages in case it breaks is too much to risk."

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