Woman captures moment man calls her 'stupid' in 'disrespectful' gym rant

Woman captures moment man calls her 'stupid' in 'disrespectful' gym rant
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A man has been called out for his “disrespectful” rant at a female gym user who was filming her workout.

From being stared at or harassed by men to having unsolicited critiques directed at them, female gym users often face problems while simply trying to go about their workout.

Taking to TikTok to vent her frustration, one woman, who uses the username @emmysbakedbeans, shared a clip she had taken of herself in the gym which has since gone viral.

In the video, she was sitting at a weight machine when a man could be heard in the background spouting verbal abuse at her for filming herself.

The anonymous man said: “Try spending more time working out. It’ll help a lot more. Sitting there f**king videotaping yourself the whole time. It’s stupid why you’re doing it.”

The influencer captioned the clip, “Just trying to get my lift in”. It has been viewed almost 5 million times and sparked a whole host of commentary.


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One person congratulated her on not giving the man the reaction he clearly wanted to provoke out of her.

“He wanted a reaction and I'm SO glad you didn't give him one,” they wrote.

Another commented: “You are amazing !! He needs quit yapping and focus on his own workout for real.”

Someone else pointed out: “The fact that he says ‘videotaping’ says it all.”

“Sometimes I want to film myself to look at the form I don't understand what's wrong. It's a personal process, no?” another reasoned.

Others left some encouraging words for the TikToker after her horrible experience.

Someone wrote: “Girl you’re slaying and he needs a life.”

“So much better than me! Keep going girl!” another commented.

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