Viral moose running on water video explained

Viral moose running on water video explained
Moose video sparks probe

A moose has been dubbed as "Jesus" and "Moses" (or "Mooses") after a resurfaced viral clip shows the animal running on water.

In the video posted by Kristy Paniptchuk (@kristy_234) back in 2020, the video shows the scenery in Alaska as she cruised in a small boat up a river.

She spotted the sizeable animal as it bolted across the river and managed to capture the moment as it make its way through the shallow waters at some speed.

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The cow moose can then be seen crossing paths with the boats, determined to get to the other side of the water.

Paniptchuk said at the time that the video is not fake and that the moose was moving across the shallow river that is just five meters deep in order to travel up stream, as per Metro.co.uk.


Cow moose #fyp #alaska

To explain: The moose appears to seamlessly sprint through the water due to its shallow depths - it's so shallow in fact that the boat is believed to be a jet boat since a boat with propellers could cause damage if it hits the bottom.

Since sharing the clip, the video has gone viral, as it received over 706,000 views, and plenty of comments from people who were fascinated by the video.

One person joked: "Moses but a moose. Mooses"

"Our lord and savior Jesus Moose," another person quipped.

Someone else added: "Today I learned that I couldn't outrun a moose even if I wanted to."

"I am so confused how is this possible," a fourth person commented.

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