OnlyFans star vents fury after being told to ‘cover herself’ up in pub

OnlyFans star vents fury after being told to ‘cover herself’ up in pub

An OnlyFans star was left incandescent with rage after she was “told off” for her outfit by staff in a beachside bar.

Naomi Tibbles, who calls herself “Sensual Goddess” on the subscription-only platform, posted a video “rant” over the weekend, claiming she was told to “cover [herself]” by a security guard who stressed that the pub was a “family establishment”.

Launching her tirade, which she shared on Instagram and TikTok, the Australian content creator explained that she was visiting Queensland’s Stradbroke Island when she decided to stop for a drink.

She said she was “sweating bullets” following a three-kilometre walk and so went to the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel to cool down with a watermelon spritz.

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“I'm there for about 15-20 minutes before security came up and had a talk to me,” she recounted. “I knew that they were talking about me because they kept watching me and radioing to each other, and it was real suss [sic].”

“Turns out he wants to have a talk about what I'm wearing,” she continued. “The first thing the security guard says to me is like, ‘we have a dress code here’.”

The man allegedly told her: “You’re not allowed to wear thongs here,” which, for British readers may raise some eyebrows, but thongs are actually the Aussie name for flip-flops.

She pointed out that she was wearing sandals, not flip-flops. But he just responded by telling her “we’re a family establishment”.


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“I'm sitting in the bar where there's no children allowed, [in] which the only two children that I can see are all the way on the other end of the f***ing restaurant, which I'm not in,” Tibbles went on.

He then apparently asked her: “Do you have something to cover yourself?” to which she replied: “No, I don't actually because I'm on a f***ing island. And I was just at the beach, we're on a f***ing beach island.”

Tibbles then showed off her full outfit, which featured a cowboy-style straw hat, large-holed crochet trousers and an animal-print bikini (with thong, as in the pants) bottoms.

She ended her monologue by pulling a sex toy out of her bag and proclaiming: “I'm so lucky that they didn't see the pink dildo that I packed in my back today – imagine if I whipped this out.

“That, that would be cause… that I would understand,” she said.

Tibbles said her outfit was 'really cool' and staff at the pub could go 'f*** themselves'@naomi.tibbles/TikTok

Fans were quick to offer their support to the adult performer, with one writing: “This is wild being steps from the beach. Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie full stop!?”

Another insisted: “Clothes are only for winter on Stradbroke.”

While a third reminisced: “Times have changed hey. I used to be able to jump out of the surf and have a beer dripping wet with only boardys on. That was the Straddy Hotel.”

Tibbles replied that she “would’ve understood if it was a fancy restaurant” but claimed the place looked like a “very mediocre pub”.

Indy100 has contacted the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel for comment.

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