Psychology test can reveal your true personality in just four questions

Psychology test can reveal your true personality in just four questions
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A psychological test can reveal your personality in just four short questions, and its even captured the attention of celebrities.

Tests that reveal what our truest version of ourselves is are always eye-opening and with four questions posted on TikTok by Made In Chelsea star and entrepreneur Jamie Laing, you can do just that.

Laing said: “For each answer you give, you have to give two adjectives as to why you've given that answer.”

He continued, explaining first you have to say what your favourite animal is. Next, you have to provide two adjectives to describe your favourite animal and why it’s your favourite, for example, a lion because it’s strong and clever. According to Laing, this is “how you describe yourself”.

The next question is, “What is your favourite food?”, again giving two adjectives to explain why – for example, Thai food because it’s spicy and zingy. This is how you view your partner.

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Personality test in 4 simple questions #jamielaing #foryou

Thirdly, the test asks “What's your favourite colour?”, along with two adjectives. According to the personality test, this is how other people view you.

The final question asks, “What's your favourite type of water?”. Laing gave the examples of “river, sea, swimming pool”, before revealing “that is your sex life”.

In the comments, people gave their answers and some of them were hilarious.

One person wrote: “Me saying panda for the first one cause it's fat and lazy. Guess that's me.”

Someone else added: “Not me saying Pad Thai as my favourite food as it’s tasty and has nuts.”

“Fav food: pasta because it’s creamy and filling,” another wrote along with some laughing face and embarrassed face emojis.

Others who took the quiz realised they may need to dust off the old school books.

Someone admitted: “My answers were bizarre. Think I need to re-learn what an adjective is.”

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