Parasitic worm seen wriggling in supermarket salmon

Parasitic worm seen wriggling in supermarket salmon
Parasitic worm wriggles on family's floor

It is important to eat a protein rich diet, and you can achieve this if you eat a lot of fish and meat.

But one women got more protein than she bargained for when she found a worm in her salmon while shopping - how gross.

Posting on TikTok, Rachel Lyn said she picked up the fish in a South Carolina branch of Costco before deciding to "immediately put it back" after seeing the worm, wriggling about.

"Live parasites in the salmon today at Costco," she captioned the video.


Live parasites in the salmon today at #costco yummmm 🤨😩

Since posting the TikTok, it has gone viral and accrued 2.5 million views.

But while it may seem disgusting apparently finding an extra friend in your fish is not uncommon.

These “worms” are a parasite named anisakid nematodes, sometimes referred to as herring worms or cod worms.

A 2019 article from CBC alleged that “data cited by the B.C. Centre for Disease Control suggests 75 percent of wild Pacific salmon are infected with the parasite.”

After reporting on the story, the Mirror contacted the supermarket for comment.

Anyone else feel a bit sick now?

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