Woman pranks husband into thinking she's a secret OnlyFans star

Woman pranks her husband into thinking she's a secret OnlyFans star

A TikTok influencer sent her husband on a whirlwind emotional rollercoaster by managing to convince him that she’d set up an OnlyFans page.

Monica Gartner is known for the ‘Sam and Monica’ social media accounts she set up with hubby Sam Patterson, in which the two document their relationship and carry out endless pranks on one another.

In their latest YouTube offering, Monica tells viewers that she’d decided to set up a camera in their bedroom and pretend to be taking pictures for OnlyFans, saying: “I don't know if he'd be supportive or if he'd be mad, I literally don't know. So let's just see what happens."

Clarifying that she doesn’t actually have a profile on the subscription-only platform, she then explains that she’s wearing a “bit of a risqué outfit” for the prank, in keeping with the adult content for which the site is best known.

“I'm a maid right now, ok? Don't ask why I have this outfit,” she tells viewers, adding that they “may see a little bit” of her lacy ensemble but “you're not going to see anything else”.

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Moments after she arranges herself on their bed, Sam walks in, sees her, and beams: “This is a nice welcome.”

Monica then explains that the camera and her lingerie aren’t for his benefit, prompting him to ask: “You’re not selling pictures online or anything are you?”

She then replies: “I may or may not have started an OnlyFans,” before chipping in: “I'm not naked though.”

After he responds that he’s “speechless”, she tells him: “I do have like 200,000 subscribers.”

Sam said he was 'speechless' at the discovery of his wife's 'secret' endeavourSam and Monica/YouTube

He then jokingly asks her why she didn’t buy him a car for his birthday before asking: “How much are you making through this?”

She tells him that it’s “$2.99” per subscription which, he swiftly works out, is $600,000 a month.

“Have you ever shown anything inappropriate?” he asks.

“No, just my outfits, naughty outfits,” she reassures him.

Sam then asks if she’s shown off the intimate parts of her body and she “pinky promises” that she hasn’t and “won’t ever”.

“I’m literally never going to work ever in my life again,” Sam continues. “How long have you been running this for?”

She tells him it’s been three weeks, prompting him to gasp: “I’m pretty that’s a record. That’s ridiculous.”

He then tells Monica that he was mad at learning about her secret enterprise “until [he] learned how much money [she] was making.”

“As long as you’re not showing anything that like, belongs to me,” he stipulates before conceding that her racy maid outfit is “less revealing than a bikini” (she then shows him that it’s not).

He then tells her: “Now you are buying me that Corvette. I mean, deadly serious. I'm going to order that tonight – that is my fee. You keep a hundred per cent of your own income. Just get me that Corvette, please.”


The pair continue to discuss the issue, with Sam sighing that it “all makes sense” because she’d recently spent $300 on clothes without “blinking an eye”.

Monica raps up her elaborate hoax by asking if he’d like to join in with her new venture.

“No, I don’t want to be in [the videos] with you,” he says. “I don't have a good body, I've got a dad bod. You've got the good body.”

At last, she reveals the hidden camera that’s been filming his reaction and confirms that the whole thing’s been a joke.

Realising this means she isn’t earning $600,000 a month and so he won’t be getting his Corvette, Sam says: “Now I'm kind of disappointed that you're not doing anything.”

Monica joked that if she could make $600,000 a month she'd join OnlyFansSam and Monica/YouTube

Their YouTube clip racked up more than 118,000 views in three days as fans shared their delight at Monica’s mischief.

“Hahaha Sam's reaction... I want my car! I was going to say he's sweetly protective of his wife!!! Until he heard about the money, brilliant prank!” one wrote.

“Sam literally went to ‘shock’, then ‘accepting it’, to finally trying to ‘negotiate’,” pointed out another.

Inevitably, plenty of viewers hoped the experience would inspire the couple to create a real OnlyFans page.

“I remember searching if they had an OnlyFans a month ago. And now this is happening,” one wrote.

While another said: “If you ever decide to go through with it, us fans will support you on your journey, Monica.”

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