‘Wholesome’ man misinterprets ‘cheating’ text from fiancée and becomes an online legend

<p>The couple were hailed for having a ‘healthy’ and ‘trusting’ relationship</p>

The couple were hailed for having a ‘healthy’ and ‘trusting’ relationship


A man has become an online icon after he reacted in the most wholesome way to his fiancée’s attempt at a prank.

TikTok influencers Sam and Monica have racked up more than 1.2 million followers on the platform by documenting the joys of their relationship.

In one of their most recent videos, Monica decided to play a popular trick on her husband-to-be by suggesting that she might be cheating.

The social media-geared hoax generally sees one partner send a message to the other making it seem as though they’re having an affair. They then film the victim’s reaction.

In this case, Monica sent Sam a text reading: “He’s leaving now, you can come over,” as he left their home and walked towards his car.

But far from responding with suspicion, fury or devastation, Sam bounced upstairs to confront his beloved about the “cheeky” note.

“I thought you were leaving?” she said as he entered their bedroom.

“Yeah, I was leaving, until I saw your cheeky text message,” he giggled.

After Monica feigned confusion, he continued: “Are you planning a belated birthday surprise for me or something?”

“No,” she protested through laughs. “Your birthday was over a month ago!”

“Yeah but it’s never too late to celebrate, is it?” he replied, before adding: “I know you’re doing it, OK, I love you so much,” as he kissed her and headed back out the door.

The clip garnered more than 3.3 million views and 5,860 comments in just three days on TikTok alone, as users hailed Sam’s “innocent” and “adorable” response.

One wrote: “Awww he’s so sweet and I love how his first thought isn’t cheating, it’s a birthday surprise, like he knows you’d never cheat.”

Another commented: “The fact he trusts you that much, there wasn’t an ounce of double, I love it.”

However, other users were convinced that Sam wasn’t being a sweet ingenu and that, in fact, he was turning the prank to his advantage.

“He knew the game and changed the rules. He won this round!,” one wrote.

“You better plan that party ASAP,” said another.

Meanwhile, the clip also did the rounds on Reddit, where it was similarly assessed by viewers.

One commentator concluded that Sam had gone “three steps ahead”, adding: “If it wasn’t a joke, he just called her out, showed her how great of a person he is and made her feel guilty, AND got a second birthday party out of it.”

They continued: “If it was a joke, he knows it’s gonna be a camera recording, so he just showed the whole world how secure he is, ruined her prank but in a wholesome way so she can’t get mad, AND got a second birthday party out of it.

“This man KNOWS how to get what he wants.”

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