New coffee TikTok trend sees unexpected vegetable added to drink

New coffee TikTok trend sees unexpected vegetable added to drink
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There's a new viral coffee drink that guarantees to provide you with one of your five a day.

And that's because the "Scallion coffee" trend sees people adding spring onions on top of their coffee which provide some crunchy texture and the bitterness of the coffee is balanced by the sweet and sharpness of the onion.

The trend is thought to have first emerged from China and now everyone seems to be having a go at adding this unconventional ingredient to their morning brew.

In a viral video with 1.1m views, US and Australia-based brewers Golden Brown Coffee (@goldenbrown.coffee) provided a tutorial for those intrigued to try the food-drink combination out for themselves.

"This is a viral drink that came straight out of China. So, of course, yours truly has to taste it. Start by chipping just the green parts of fresh spring onion. Then just make an iced latte how you would with ice, milk and of course, some espresso. Then we have to heavily garnish our drink with spring onion," the creator explained.


We’re trying to viral spring onion coffee to see if it’s worth the hype 😅 #springonion #springonioncoffee #greenonioncoffee #icedlatte #viraldrinks

Of course, the scallion coffee has caused plenty of discussion in the comments section where people are hesitant to give the bold flavours a taste.

One person said: "Well I love green onions but this is too much."

"I love spring onions, but not in my coffee," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "You're gonna be so popular with coffee breathe *and* onion breathe!"

"Sometimes combining your fav things is not a good idea," a fourth person commented.

Will you try the scallion coffee out for yourself?

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