Is the Shmunguss category on Netflix real?

Is the Shmunguss category on Netflix real?
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A viral meme has people questioning whether there is a section on Netflix called Shmunguss. Yes, you read that correctly, Shmunguss.

Anybody who spends any amount of time on Netflix knows that it can have very specific categories for its movies and shows such as 'wacky late-night comedies' and ' award-wining irreverent sitcoms.'

However, a TikTok video is claiming that the streaming giant has a genre called Shunguss. The clip, which has been viewed 5 million times, was shared by the account Channel Everything on Friday.

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In the clip, the man holding the camera can be heard saying "Can someone tell me what these categories are?" As he scrolls across numerous shows and movies with names like The Shmunguss King, I Married A Shmunguss, The Shmonguss Among Us, and Shmonguss’ Revenge are displayed complete with original artwork.

The caption for the video asks 'Does anyone else have this?? Please I'm so confused...'


Does anyone else have this?? Please im so confused.. #fyp #trending #wtf #netflix #funny #weird #selenagomez

As you might have guessed this isn't a real category. Just a very well-made joke that would trick almost anyone. There are a few giveaways that the Shumunguss isn't real, such as one of the movies features the actor Paul Giamatti in the artwork and we can confirm now that he has never starred in a movie called The Shmunguss King.

That being said, the joke has now gone viral and even made its way on to Twitter where people are making their own jokes about Shumunguss.

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